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Young Genius Nazir Alston seeks support for Cure Intentions of Sickle Cell

  Nazir Alston is a young filmmaker trying to climb the ladder of success in the entertainment business.  He hopes his next project will elevate him to a stature most often unreachable for someone his age.  At 16 years old and a student at String Theory High School, Nazir is now focusing on something more touching and personally relative to his life experiences. (read more)

From Philly to Atlanta, “The Walkin Mannequin” Wants You To Remember That Celebrities Are Human… Just Like Us

  According to her biography, Philly native Lex Chappelle, Founder and Blogger behind the celebrity entertainment website, “The Walkin Mannequin”, “wants to live in a world filled with innovative businesses, short emails, and where Chipotle burritos replace salads.” It’s not only this candid humor that draws readers to her blog, which is certainly one to watch, but also the fact that she refuses to profit from the negative aspects of celebrity news culture. (read more)


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