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Joyce’s Soulful Cuisine

NKA Creations LLC

Young Genius Nazir Alston seeks support for Cure Intentions of Sickle Cell

  Nazir Alston is a young filmmaker trying to climb the ladder of success in the entertainment business.  He hopes his next project will elevate him to a stature most often unreachable for someone his age.  At 16 years old and a student at String Theory High School, Nazir is now focusing on something more touching and personally relative to his life experiences. (read more)

From Philly to Atlanta, “The Walkin Mannequin” Wants You To Remember That Celebrities Are Human… Just Like Us

  According to her biography, Philly native Lex Chappelle, Founder and Blogger behind the celebrity entertainment website, “The Walkin Mannequin”, “wants to live in a world filled with innovative businesses, short emails, and where Chipotle burritos replace salads.” It’s not only this candid humor that draws readers to her blog, which is certainly one to watch, but also the fact that she refuses to profit from the negative aspects of celebrity news culture. (read more)
July 2015

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Elite Access Running

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There Is Power In Forgiveness


I went through a dark period in my life. Someone who I loved and trusted hurt me deeply.  My feeling shattered, bruised and broken.  Bitterness and anger took root and I allowed it to change me. I was snappy and very cold hearted toward the person who pained me. Being unfriendly and closed off left no room for the restoration of that relationship. One morning I had an Aha moment; I realized that the person responsible for my hurt is going on with their life unaffected and not concerned about my pain so why am I holding on to it?  I needed to let go, forgive them and move on.  (read more)

Dinner For Two

  It’s that time of year again when the days last longer, the sun shines brighter and the temps rise higher. The summertime, it’s the perfect time of the year to dine “al fresco”. So why not invite a special someone over to enjoy dinner outdoors. It’s super easy to whip a meal for two and it’s easier on your pockets. (read more)

Summer Promo

  Urban Suburban’s own Ava G. Black has released the perfect poolside beach book for summer. A quick and easy read, Blue Print: Advice, Adventures, and Cougar Tales, explains why a man in his twenties is the perfect match and logical choice for a woman in her sexual prime at 40. Every chapter offers readers an intimate and personal conversation about sex and relationships which dares you to be honest about what you want and expect from any current or soon to be sexual partner. (read more)
April 2015


Candidato Diaz wants to be Numero Uno

  Candidato Diaz wants to be Numero Uno - at Philadelphia City Hall. Philly has had Italian, Irish, Black, and in Colonial Days, even a French mayor. Can Nelson Diaz’s campaign ideas propel him to become the city’s first Puerto Rican to hold the office? If you want to know just one thing about Nelson Diaz, it's that he likes coming in first. “My life has been a story of firsts,” begins the first paragraph on his campaign website. (read more)

Who Wouldn't Love a Blue Print

How many times have you set out to do something and realized you really could use a guide? How nice would it be to have a resource you could turn to for frank, nonjudgmental advice and conversation about sex and relationships which is informative and entertaining? Not everyone has a friend who offers a ‘safe space’ for sharing your most intimate and erotic questions and secrets. That’s where Ava G. steps in. (read more)

Getting To The Core

  I will always be intrigued by the headline-esque lifestyle stories of repositioning that go something like this: “Sheila and Dave Johnson have lived the life most people hope for. These high school sweethearts have traveled to every continent together, raised four very successful children and now enjoy nine extremely loving grandchildren. Both retired now, Sheila and Dave enjoy the spoils of a home-based pastry business that Sheila started on a whim. Perfect right? (read more)

Bent And Broken®

  Imagine, you’re in a hotel room with your dogs, displaced from family and friends, feeling alone, emotionally hurting with a gun in your mouth, ready to end it all. Then, God speaks to you.  Over 20 years ago, this was Officer Michael Holmes situation while waiting to testify in one of the biggest police corruption trials ever in Savannah, Georgia. This experience set him on the journey that would lead him to his purpose driven mission of Bent And Broken®. (read more)

Connecting The Dots

  Two Christmases ago I purchased what some may consider a silly gift for my then 3 year old grandsons. I bought them both a Kindle Fire, which could be loaded with books, games, videos, music, etc. I made the purchase after lots of “what do you think?” conversations with both sets of their parents, who pretty much thought it was the dumbest gift ever, for a kid for Christmas. Eventually, I ignored my daughters and ordered the gadgets for my baby boys. (read more)
January 2015

Celebrity Designer Anthony Chad Unveils 2014 Holiday Collection

  As the seasons turn a new a leaf, the fashion world gears up for new releases and forecasts for trends. This past November celebrity stylist and designer Anthony Chad unveiled his 2014 Holiday Collection for his women’s ready-to-wear line MORRIS. The presentation and exclusive shopping event will be held at Stilettos located in the Cherry Hill Mall. Fitness model Marisa Elise, Oxygen Network’s “The Face” finalist Sandra Woodley, and celebrity makeup artist Siaani Love hosted the event as guests get to shop and view the newest collection by MORRIS. (read more)

Interior Design Trends for 2015


Out with the old and in with the new. As with every New Year, Interior Designers often have interest in what’s current with new design trends. We offer these refreshing ideas to our clients in order to provide innovative and current designs in their spaces.

These are the areas which will be included for the 2015 Interior Design trends. (read more)

Business Profiles

  Philadelphia Chiropractor & Dr. Don

Tawanda Auston

Inspired Sounds

Ajala Essence Dance Studio, LLC
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October 2014


African Architecture:
Part One the Past

  In college, when I studied history of Architecture, outside of the standard ancient buildings which are located in Greece, Italy (Rome), Europe, the Taj Mahal in India, the only buildings which were featured  in the Architectural history books which were located in Africa were the Great Pyramids in Egypt and Queen Hatshepsut’s burial temple again located in Ancient Egypt. (read more)

Business Profiles

  Graves Derma Care PC

Tara Colquitt, The Credit Woman

D&P Financial Services

B'ella Ballerina Dance Academy
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We Love To Read


Why Do I Have To Think Like A Man? by Shanae Hall

Decadence by Jerome Dickey

Heart of Gold by Beverly Jenkins

The New York Times: The Times of The Seventies
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July 2014


Summer Fun & Valuable Tips

  Whoever said summer fun had to cost an arm and a leg obviously never heard of recession.  With the current downturn of the economy, everyone is looking for inexpensive ways to liven up their summer.  Whether you need a whole weekend, or just a day, taking a vacation this summer doesn't have to be expensive or complicated. 
(read more)

Summer BBQ Tips


It is time to think about summer BBQ recipes and get ready for summer barbecuing. It is necessary to bear in mind certain things when barbecuing to ensure that your party goes flawless. Several meats and side dishes could be used when barbecuing. Traditionally, people make pork, beef, and fish on their grills. (read more)

When To Punish and When to Rehabilitate-
Pennsylvania Prison Systems

  In 1995 Pennsylvania amended the Juvenile Act to narrow the jurisdiction of juvenile courts, shuttling more youths into the adult system. The piecing question some may ponder… Do transferring our youth from juvenile facilities to adult facilities continue to rehabilitate our youth, punish them, corrupt them or give up on them? (read more)

Business Profiles


Write funding proposals to foundations and other grant making organizations in a clear and compelling manner. Research and identify funding sources to support existing and planned program activities. Create business plans that establish goals and define organizations business structure. (read more)

April 2014


Who's Next? Philly's Next Political Visionaries

  Dr. Leaphart was born and raised in the West Oak Lane section of Philadelphia and completed his public school education at Central High School. His passion to help others led him to a career in medicine. In pursuit of this goal, he attended Hampton University where he received a B.S. degree in Biology.  (read more)

Business Profiles:
The Future Begins Now

Here are some top flight entrepreneurs making thing happen.  The New Power Generation.  They are Hip, Professional, Stylish and doing it their way. (read more)

Ten Easy Steps For Planning a Dinner Party


Here are a few pics that speak to the “Anatomy of a Dinner Party” so start planning early and proceed cautiously.  This is not for the faint of heart.. LOL Plan a simple menu, shop in advance, you can’t invite everyone so plan on hosting more events over the season, year or whenever.  Take it slow but rejoice in a small intimate evening before you have to go back into parent mode. (read more)

Styling with Chad Ritchie

  Fields follows Sarah a young New York female who loses her fiance a year prior to the film's opening.  Sarah deals with the loss by not allowing herself any luxuries or fun, she does everything as a routine, at the same time etc.  During one of her daily routines she runs into a man from her fiances past and it knocks her routine off track. read more

Meet the Gossfields

  In a time when almost half of heterosexual marriages end in divorce and gay couples are fighting to be given the same opportunity to either improve or add to the statistics, Quincy LeNear Fields and Deondray Gossett, now known as Quincy and Deondray Gossfield (a combination of their last names), are somewhat of an anomaly. (read more)

Publisher's Opinion

  Sometimes it’s as simple as it appears.  If you refuse to throw litter into the street, it will not be as dirty on the streets or highway.  Recently, I was driving through Alabama to New Orleans.  I must confess the highway along Route 10 was perhaps the cleanest highway I’ve ever seen.  I mean I didn’t see one piece of trash, litter or debris the entire stretch of highway.  Now don’t get me wrong I know people in Alabama litter but what I saw was worth noting.  Sometimes it’s as simple as it appears. (read more)
January 2014


Patricia Wilson Aden

  Patricia Wilson Aden is President and CEO of the African American Museum in Philadelphia.   She works with the non-profit’s Board and staff to carry out the vision of the African American Museum as a community forum a place that celebrates the art, history and culture of the African Diaspora and of African Americans in Philadelphia.  Wilson Aden was promoted to CEO in July after having been in senior management at the museum for more than three years. (read more)

Men's Fashion Tips
10 Tips for Maintaining Your Custom Suits

Did you know that the popular belief that dry cleaning is healthy for your garments is just a myth? Caring for your custom suits is quite literally an art. One has to be extremely careful about how the garments are treated, how they are stored and how they are cleaned out. A bespoke suit is a luxury and must be cared for like one would care for their car; with love and a lot of attention. (read more)

How To Make A Perfect Grilled Chicken

  Grilling can be a fun, family activity during weekends. Spend your lazy afternoons in your backyard, and take out those grillers for a grilled chicken for your dinner. Learning how to grill is not as hard as you would see on television. All you need is the proper temperature for your griller especially if you are using an electric grill. Nevertheless, if you have the conventional griller, try to find some dried wood or charcoal. (read more)
October 2013


Philly's New Kings

  Image walking through time and space having the sense that you are not being understood or given the same opportunity as everyone else. Image knowing you come from a long linage and that the blood of Kings runs through your veins. What do you? Do you sit back and wait or create your destiny. Imagine if you consistently hear you can’t achieve some would have you believe that it’s true. Some would have you doubting your God given ability. (read more)

Kobalt Books partners with Dish Network to Launch Faith-Based Web Series

  With a nationwide distribution deal and a viewership exceeding half-million people for the faith-based film, “Under the Cherry Tree”, it’s no surprise that one of the leading cable providers would take notice. Kobalt Books Entertainment has reached an agreement with Dish Network to launch its web series spin-off, inspired by the movie and novel, “Under the Cherry Tree” in January, 2014. (read more)

Welcome to the Vegan Chef Kess

  As a child, Kurt E. Smith suffered from asthma and eczema. Frequent visits to the doctor did little to relieve the symptoms. Then Kurt’s mother insisted that the family enhance its vegetarian diet and eventually become fully vegan. The decision would change Kurt’s life. With his conditions nearly gone, Kurt began his lifelong journey in the vegan lifestyle.  (read more)


  The smoke Hazez the stage as the Acapulco Gold fitted cap and ray ban shades appear "emphatically Sugar's here" !!!, says the MC. Reciting a verse from the song "Illustrious" off the mixtape titled "The Illustrious" Sugar or Slim as friends know him waves to the crowd as he confidently walks off stage as the opening act at an recent Kavinsky show in New York City. (read more)

Healthcare, Violence and STIs:  Philadelphia youth and the vision of Benjamin Rush

  In the late 18th Century the City of Philadelphia was facing numerous public health challenges. In response to this situation, Benjamin Rush, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, proposed the formation of a society similar to Royal College of Physicians in London. As a result, The College of Physicians of Philadelphia (the College) was founded in 1787 by twenty-four area physicians. (read more)

Add Some Electricity to Your Fall Wardrobe


Electric Blue also known as cobalt blue, royal blue or Monaco blue, is this Autumn/Winter 2013-2014's hot trending color. It's everywhere on the runways and filling retail stores as we speak. Cobalt blue is a rich and vibrant hue that can be incorporated into day or night attire, from a small addition such as an accessory to a show stopping dress or coat.
(read more)


July 2013


Politics, Pain and Recovery
Blondell Reynolds Brown

  Blondell Reynolds Brown is serving her 4th term as a member of Philadelphia City Council. She is council’s majority whip. Reynolds Brown is the only woman to win a Philadelphia At-Large Council seat since 2000. She has been committee person, a legislative director for Congressman Chaka Fattah and a community affairs director for State Senator Vincent Hughes and a delegate for the Democratic National Convention several times. In this conversation, the 4-term Philadelphia City Council member talks about her love of politics, Philadelphia school closings, Property tax assessments and her support of charter schools. (read more)

Nessie Blaze
Belle De Jour, Tattoo Connoisseur

  When she was in elementary school Nessie Blaze started drawing “little things”. Around the latter part of her Bucks County Technical high school career, her best friend, a Photography major at the time, used her as the focus of a photo project. Beyond the shoot, Nessie met many people, networking along the way, eventually adding “model” on her resume. “I was embarrassingly skinny when I was younger and people told me that I should model”, Blaze states in our interview. But what she might have seen as a beauty flaw was in fact exquisite to other photographers, wardrobe designers, and artists. (read more)

The Launch of the New Imbako Public Health Web site

  In April 2013, Imbako public health re-launched its new website The new website which serves as a portal of information, communication and interaction for viewers, also features a Market (Soko), where fans and friends can purchase products bearing Imbako logos. The site features content on IMBAKO initiatives and current projects, and enables the viewer to see the various ways they can be a part of the organization’s mission. (read more)

Summer Recipe Fun

  Summer, is here, and that means that there are lots of ideas, for grilling this summer!! Are you tired of the same ole BBQ when you go to a neighbor’s home?? Same old Burgers, which are frozen. Well at Eatible Delights Catering, we have some ideas that will spruce up your food. Some of our favorites are as follows. Try some caramelized onions, and Montreal Steak Seasoning, when making your burgers! How about one of our special sides. (read more)

A Crusader for Women and The Right to Know Their Bodies:
Mentor, Activist, and Time of the Month! Entrepreneur Valarie Carey

  Do you remember the first time that you got your period? Well, if you were born as a male and reading this, the answer is probably no. But, if you are a female, I’m positive that not only do you remember the time of your first period, but also how embarrassed or nervous you might have felt to talk about it with your parents.  Valarie Carey, creator of the brand Time of the Month! (TOTM!), knows how difficult it can be to talk about one’s menstrual cycle. (read more)

The Philadelphia Diamonds Shine Bright

   You have heard of the WNBA, with stars such as Brittney Griner of the Phoenix Mercury and Maya Moore of the Minnesota Lynx. But have you heard of the Bikini Basketball Association and the Philadelphia Diamonds?
The Bikini Basketball Association (BBA) selects women athletes based on their “athleticism, personality, and beauty” and teams comprise of 14-21 players on the courts. Professional BBA teams such as the Miami Spice, Illinois Heart, Houston Inferno, Las Vegas Fantasy, and last, but not least, Philadelphia Diamonds have developed, and more teams being cultivated in various cities.
(read more)

A Largely Urban Phenomenon

  “I was on my way to work after a huge snowstorm and I saw a family coming out of a green tent near the Vine Street expressway off-ramp. It was a mother, father and a little girl. This image stayed with me all day and for days to come. I used to be that guy who walked by the homeless, ignoring them when I saw them on the streets never giving it a second thought. But this, this time, it resonated with my soul and I couldn’t get that image of that family living in the cold in a tent out of my head. (read more)

What Happened to the Village?

  Recently, my English 102 students and I were engaged in a lively debate about education. Specifically, we were discussing who is responsible for the failing education experiences that many of the students in the Philadelphia school district are having, particularly students who are from and attend school in the inner city. (read more)
April 2013


Not Just a Pretty Face –
Tiffany E. Green is Turning Heads in More Ways Than One

  Tiffany E. Green is watching her dreams unfold before her. In the year 2012 alone, she was seen on the arm of actor and comedian Chris Tucker as his girlfriend Tanya in the critically-acclaimed Silver Linings Playbook starring Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence and Robert DeNiro; performed alongside actor Clifton Powell in the upcoming film North Star, which also stars Lynn Whitfield; and portrayed R&B musical artist Angie Stone. (read more)

Fashionable Spring Gear Tips

  Well you certainly need a compass for this spring and summer modes. While sexy and fun is "in" do not forget to measure and chic. In fact, he is allowed to mix the two. Here are the fashion trends of spring (read more)

Al Thompson, Entrepreneur, Actor, Digital Content Creator

  Al Thompson, of Harlem provenance, had no intentions of becoming an actor at first. Some of his buddies were, but they did not seem as intimidated by the prospect of memorizing lines as he was. Yet, Al discovered that you don’t have to be an actor in order to be a part of a theatrical production. You can be behind the scenes. Al volunteered and handled the lighting for a play that a few of his friends were a part of. (read more)
January 2013

Essentials For The Perfect Home Office

  Most companies are allowing their employees to work from home on a part-time or full time basis for flexibility, profit and purposes.  Although a lot of employees welcome this option due to some level of time flexibility with their personal/family activities, but there is a responsibility for the employee to maintain the same level of productivity (or greater) as if they were physically at the company’s office. (read more)

Curtain Call:
The Corporate Brother


I first met Todd Inman at the Double Shots Espresso Bar in downtown Philly earlier this year, after answering a casting call for his brilliant web series, The Corporate Brother. I was the actress in search of a comedic acting role and Todd was the executive producer-director-writer in search of passionate actors who could fit the looks and personalities for his scripts. (read more)

October 2012


The Ultimate Partnership

  Who is Dr. William J. Hite ? What he means to your children’s future (read more)

Bring Your Own Bottle:
Great BYOB Restaurants Throughout the City of Brotherly Love

  BYOB restaurants are becoming increasingly popular throughout Philadelphia. Many businesses turn to this option due to the difficulty in obtaining a liquor license and because being a BYOB establishment keep the cost low. I love a good BYOB because it saves you money! (read more)

Top 10 Things to do in Philly in the Fall

  It’s nothing like a good game, a blanket and your significant other interrupting your mutual visual pleasure by asking an incredibly smart question during a crucial third down call during the Eagles versus Cowboys game…What an incredible time!!!!!! (read more)

Our Contributors

  The contributors to Urban Suburban Magazine (read more)

Publisher's Note
George Clifford Blackmon

  What does it take to recognize professional talent? Are you talented but lack discipline? How do you know? Are you motivated ? How do you encourage personal and professional growth? How do you simply become more professional in your approach to success? (read more)

Meet the Next Big Star...Ms. Tiffany Barrett

  An Interview with Tiffany Barrett (read more)


  July 2012

From Tragedy to Triumph



This is an interview with Ja’Vese Phelps-Washington who is the mother of Christopher Spence a twenty year old football athlete who was the victim of gun violence that tragically cost him his life. (read more)

Who Is Dwayne Adams and What Is Breaking Barriers?

  One of the first lessons that a kid learns on the streets of North Philadelphia is that respect, can only be earned. Not the kind of respect that you get from your parents or teachers, but “street cred” that’s essential to status & survival among friends. Sometimes you can find it by being naturally cool, but if that’s not the case, then you get it by earning it on the court, in the courts, or as a last-case option, on the corner. (read more)

Why Are There So Few African American Architects

  This is a question that has puzzled many individuals before me and, if conditions remain relatively unchanged, will continue to baffle several others after me. I would venture to say that the majority of those who become professional basketball players, entertainers, doctors, attorneys, teachers or social workers do not pose a similar inquiry when pondering their respective careers of choice. (read more)

Sustainable Kitchens

  A kitchen is a room used for food preparation. Today’s typical kitchen includes equipment as a stove/range for heat cooking, a sink which dispenses clean water to rinse food, washing dishes and small appliances. Refrigerators are present in all kitchens to preserve the freshness and quality of fresh and prepared food for many days or weeks if it is frozen. Additional convenient items as dishwashers, garbage disposals and microwave ovens are the norm in most American kitchens. (read more)

Armand McKissick

  According to Bruce Cole and Adelheid M. Gealt the history of paintings reaches back in time to artifacts from pre-historic humans, and spans all cultures. It represents a continuous, though periodically disrupted tradition from Antiquity. Across cultures, and spanning continents and millennia, the history of painting is an ongoing river of creativity, which continues in the 21st century. (read more)

"No Ordinary Love"
by Elaine L. Thomas

  Lazy mornings were what she’d dreamed of since childhood; Casey realized. She had yet to reach the point where she was able to enjoy any of them. Between her busy schedules of taking summer courses in Art History at Temple University to earn credits toward her senior year, completing a certificate degree program in Interior Design, and styling hair, Casey barely had time to close her eyes for a good night’s sleep. At twenty-one-years-old lying around in bed was still a dream. (read more)

Anyta Thomas:

  Born and raised in Camden New Jersey, Artist Anyta Thomas is an art explorer; a seeker of self-expression who connected with art at the early age of three while learning and drawing from flash cards. She explored singing, and dancing for 10 years with the Sydney School of Dance, which only enhanced her ability to free herself physically and mentally. (read more)


  CHANGE will surely come to Northern Liberties, the ‘Village’ of Philadelphia. The lights are up; the stage is set, for both art and music. The creative avenues are joined together in the City of Brotherly Love at its premier artist alliance venue, Joose Studios located just north of Spring Garden on 3rd Street. (read more)

Girls Night Out

  On a sweltering summer evening in June, a few of my fabulous friends joined me for dinner at a new Philadelphia restaurant called Rex 1516. Rex 1516 is located at 15th and South Street in the heart of the Graduate Hospital area. It’s a small intimate place with lots of charisma that just opened up in March of this year. (read more)

What's Next On Your List?


Forget the bucket and just do it!

When does admiration become complacency? Does complacency occur when a person derives a greater sense of accomplishment by extolling the accomplishments of others rather than accomplishing such tasks themselves? (read more)

April 2012

Janette R. Smith

  Beauty, brains, business sense and more; this is considered the ultimate triple threat package for women today. No matter cultural background nor religious beliefs, most men and many women see this as the bar to reach in today’s society. (read more)

Publisher's Note
George Clifford Blackmon

  When does admiration develop into complacency? Does complacency occur when a person derives a greater sense of self when extolling the accomplishments of others rather than accomplishing similar tasks themselves? Can you imagine the fulfillment of sitting down and writing, unbeknown to you at the time, a novel that turns out to be next Invisible Man, as written by Ralph Ellison? How can such a quest be fulfilled without action? (read more)

Q&A With Actress, Writer, and Filmmaker Keena Ferguson

  Recently I had a chance to sit down and speak with the former The Ohio State University student, member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc and native of Jefferson City, Mo. is doing it way big. I had the opportunity to ask Keena a few questions. (read more)

Requiem for Luther Jennings

  I have hundreds of memories of the man who was my father, yet his story began forty-five years before I was born. Most of what I know about him was told to me through his own narrative. He loved telling me stories about when he was young, and about his life before I was born.
(read more)

Gathered Dreamz
Two Concerned Women, One Common Message: Change

  In 2011, two socially aware community activists, Dana Barfielde and Tiffany Robinson, founded Gathered Dreamz, Inc. in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Barfielde and Robinson were brought together by the common belief that many youth in the community, particularly foster children, lacked meaningful academic, social and career guidance.
(read more)

Rhonda Stone

  Ask any aspiring star where they want to be, and they’ll quickly reply that success can be found under the glittering lights of New York’s Broadway theaters. (read more)

Chloe Carter

  Carter talked with “Urban Suburban” about how she captures the attention of her readers, her own bold decision to find her own path in life, and how finding one’s own way is easier than you think. (read more)

James Dupree: A Hidden Jewel in Queen Village

  If you find yourself in the area of 6th and Bainbridge Streets on a Saturday afternoon or evening, peek into the Dupree Gallery and see if you spot artist, James Dupree, surrounded by three keyboards, various amps, guitars, harmonicas and microphones. Come in and introduce yourself. You will see that he is not only surrounded by musical instruments, but also by his colorful art. James Dupree is an artist and owner of the Dupree Gallery, where you will find his artwork on exhibit. (read more)

We The People

  Determination and grit are the main staples of a flourishing and new Philadelphia.  We all know Philadelphia’s reputation as a tough, hardworking blue collar town and those attributes have served it well because over the past two decades this magnificent city has lost more jobs, businesses, residents than we care to imagine or at least speak about. (read more)

Our Neighborhood

  Rebuilding it one house, one block at a time. Everyone interested in rebuilding , reinvesting and saving their neighborhood should better understand urban planning and development. It is about stability , growth and vision. “The inner city is rebounding not just here and there…major cites such as Philadelphia have gone mostly downhill, burdened by industrial , physical rot, crime and poverty.
(read more)

Generation Down


Higher Education has been using a variety of strategies to encourage our young adults  to reflect on college and career, however many are not college and/or career ready. College and Career readiness is determined by the quality of learning a student receives during the first 12 years of school. For example, the kind of young adult you will become is usually based on what has been taught. (read more)

Generation Down
Part 2

  A career counselor is usually an internal person who should establish and build a relationship with you so that they can come to understand your goals. When you are first hired to a company often you will be assigned an individual who will help you meet all the requirements of a newly hired person. In addition a counselor should help you to establish goals, develop a plan to achieve them, and connect with the team to build your network. (read more)
January 2012

Philadelphia's Rising Star
Kevin Hart

  Despite the film debuting in only 99 theaters nationally, it brought in $2 million dollars at the box office, impressive by all Hollywood standards for a comedy special, and even more impressive when you consider the fact that the film was produced for under $800,000 by Hart and a close team of producers from his newly formed company “Hartbeat Productions”. As the film continues to rack up dollars in wider release for Hart, he talked with Urban Suburban Magazine about fans, fame, and filmmaking. (read more)

Requiem for Willie Asbury


Sit up a little straighter… Turn your head slightly to the right… No, a little more to the left… Now, chin up just a bit… Ok, hold it right there…just like that!” “Very good!” These are directions that I often received from my dad, Willie Asbury, as I posed for his photography practice shots. My mom, sisters, niece and I spent countless hours changing positions and clothes so that my father could get his shots picture-perfect. (read more)

Faces of Unionism in Philadelphia

  Unions Are Just As American As Apple Pie…And Guess What else is American…Curry chicken, eggplant parm, shrimp fried rice, fish and grits and just about any other ethnic dish you can name. Hungry? Don’t worry this article is not about food but, more importantly, about the fact that the United States of America is a melting pot of mixed ethnicities that all share a common thread called “work”. Do some labor harder than others? (read more)

In My Lifetime
Tanya Murphy Dodd

  Multimedia fine artist, Tanya Murphy Dodd, is a Philadelphia native born of Southern American roots.  African American culture, United States history, and feminism are important themes in her life; these subjects are frequently expressed through her artwork. She began her art career as a painter; however, she later immersed herself in fine art photography and printmaking. She received her BFA degree in Photography from Temple University’s Tyler School of Art and has attended the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts to pursue her love of painting. (read more)

  Yvette Ganier
Kash Goins
Fred Thomas, Jr.
Kellie Griffin
(read more)

Yvette Ganier's
Joy Road


“Why are so many black people going to jail, and why aren’t the black bourgeois doing anything about it?” confronts the poster for the recently released drama “Joy Road” starring actors Wood Harris (The Wire) and N’Bushe Wright (New York Undercover). The film, which debuted in a select seven-city release across the nation attempted to grab audiences with an persistent issue that affects the African American Community at large, but if that’s all you got from the film, Writer/Producer Harry Davis says, you missed the whole point. (read more)

Kellie Griffin

  Lots of people say they are from Philly, but when you sit down to talk to them, they just aren’t. Cherry Hill, New Jersey is no more Philly than Bear, Delaware or King of Prussia. “It’s close, but no cigar”. Kellie Griffin is the real deal. Born and raised in Wynnefield, Kellie attended Samuel Gompers Elementary School before heading to B.W.A.P. and graduating from Archbishop John Carroll in Radnor. (read more)

Q&A with
Evan Houston


Q & A with Artist and Filmmaker Evan Houston I recently had a chance to ask Evan a few questions. Interview by Anthony “AJ” Johnson. (read more)

Occupy Philly

  As various protest spark all over the Occupy movement stretching across the country. One has to wonder will Occupy Philadelphia protest broadening its non violence stance in Philadelphia. Will the current peaceful Occupy Philadelphia movement end in violence or demonstrate that peaceful exchanges of civil awareness and disobedience can exist. (read more)

Sullivan’s OIC Legacy Continues to Help People Help Themselves

   In Philadelphia, Rev. Leon H. Sullivan set a model in the 1960’s that continues to offer tremendous value. He led a crusade for “racial economic emancipation” as the pastor of Zion Baptist Church. In his book, “Build Brother Build” he detailed the birth and development of Opportunities Industrialization Centers of America (OICA). Since its launch the organization has trained over two million people nationwide for jobs. (read more)

My Wedding Day

  The village was eager for, yet, another day of celebration. I was 15-years-old. At that age, my village called me a “woman”—ready to take care of her husband and her household. The day was one filled with laughter, merry-making and feasting in the village. (read more)



David Simms’ Special Beef Brisket
BBQ Brisket of beef (
read more)


September 2011

Are You Down with SAG?
You Should Be and Here's Why

  Philadelphia has a thriving film and video community with skilled craftsmen and talented professional actors. Through this mixed populous of production workers exists diversity and opportunity. (read more)

Urban Suburban Magazine - Philadelphia's Best Kept - EsNavi

  Anyone who is serious about good food and even better music knows where to find a super sized helping of both in a special corner of South Philly on Wednesday nights. That night is reserved for those who can handle Country Fried Cornmeal Catfish, and the cuddling cries that only Soul Singers can deliver. (read more)

Urban Suburban Magazine - Philadelphia's Best Kept - Rashaad Ernesto Greene
Rashaad Ernesto Green


Q&A by George Clifford Blackmon (read more)

Urban Suburban Magazine - Philadelphia's Best Kept - Kathryn Taylor Smith
Q&A with
Kathryn Taylor Smith

  Q & A with actress, writer and filmmaker Kathyrn Taylor Smith Former Southeast Missouri State University student, and Memphis native is doing it way big. I had the opportunity to ask KT a few questions. (read more)

Urban Suburban Magazine - Philadelphia's Best Kept - Rittenhouse Comedy
40 Shows Later

In August of 2010, Paul Goodman a dentist and aspiring comedian organized and hosted a comedy benefit called Teeth Are Funny at Noche at 1901 Chestnut in the Rittenhouse Square area.  Donations were collected for the charity “Give Kids a Smile” and 10 local comedians competed for the grand prize of professional teeth whitening.  The night was a huge success for all involved parties including Noche, the charity, and the comedians. (read more)

Urban Suburban Magazine - Philadelphia's Best Kept - Curvation Nation
Full Figured Week of Fashion Presented by Curvation Nation


Philadelphia now has a Full-Figured Week of Fashion (a fashion industry event) which is produced by Curvation Nation The Movement, lasting approximately 3-4 days, which allows Fashion Designers or "houses" to display their latest collections in runway shows and buyers to take a look at the latest trends. Most importantly, Philadelphia Full Figured Fashion Week will allow the industry to know what's "in" and what's "out" for the season. (read more)

Urban Suburban Magazine - Philadelphia's Best Kept - Honoring Art


Once released from double confinement (the RHU), I stopped drawing and worked fulltime in the Business Education Department under a civilian Business Teacher who had sought me out due to what he had heard about my art. This good man told my counselor that he was losing the Editor of his newsletter and needed someone with a creative imagination to take this guy’s place. (read more)

Urban Suburban Magazine - Philadelphia's Best Kept - Moe Brooker
Moe Brooker:
More Than An Artist

  When looking at the abstract work of Moe Brooker, whether it be painting, drawing or sculpture, you can feel the presence of “Unspeakable Joy”.  His relationship and connection to God is ever apparent and indeed, each work is signed at the bottom, “TTGG”,   To the glory  of God. And it is  a God ever present in the universe that gives  Brooker an optimism,  an ability to express the richness of his talent and his life in his work. (read more)

Urban Suburban Magazine - Philadelphia's Best Kept - The way the Ball Bounces
The Way The Ball Bounces

  The truth rolls off of his tongue with ease. “My name is Thomas young and I love doing what I am passionate about.” 24-year-old Thomas Young has been passionate about playing basketball since he was old enough to walk. (read more)

Urban Suburban Magazine - Philadelphia's Best Kept - Catering
Hot Penne Pasta Salad with Sun-Dried Tomato Crème Sauce

  Urban Suburban Caterer Profile
Eatible Delights Catering

SO many great caterers, who should I choose?
Eatible Delights Catering and Mr. David K. Simms
(read more)

Urban Suburban Magazine - Philadelphia's Best Kept - Plight of the Girl Child in Rural Kenya
Plight of the Kenyan Girl Child

  I woke up at 5:00 this morning. It was my day to light the fire that would be used to prepare breakfast for the family. I softly crept out of the semi dark bedroom I shared with my three younger sisters, but not before I peeked at each of their faces and saw the peacefulness with which they slept.
(read more)

Urban Suburban Magazine - Philadelphia's Best Kept - National Debt Ceiling
National Debt Ceiling

  Back in May of this year, the United States government reached the legal limit of the amount of money it can borrow. Theoretically, the debt ceiling is equivalent to a credit card in which the borrower has a limit to the amount of money that can be charged. (read more)

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