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Transmission Repair:
How to Know When It Needs to Be Done

by Aloysius Aucoin

Transmission repair is likely to be necessary at some point. The trick is to know when it needs to be done.

Getting transmission repair is necessary in many situations. Even if your vehicle is new, it is possible for this component of the vehicle to need repairs. In some situations, it may be covered under the vehicle's warranty. In older vehicles, the need for this type of service is more likely as the vehicle's mileage goes up. Though you may not know you specifically need these repairs done, you will likely know your vehicle needs some help. That's because this component of the vehicle plays a big role in the way the car functions. As such, you will notice when it stops working at its best.

Shifting Gears

The vehicle operates on a set of gears. As the pedal is depressed in the vehicle to accelerate, most automatic systems will switch gears as the vehicle reaches various speeds. You can often feel this slightly. However, when you need transmission repair, the shifting process is not as clean and clear.

There may be a lag or an inability for the vehicle to move into the proper gear. You can feel this. It will often feel as if the vehicle is unable to go fast enough.

You may feel a jolt when you change the movement of the vehicle. For example, when you put the vehicle in reverse, you can feel a jolt when doing so. The same may happen again when you put it into drive.

In vehicles with a manual gear system, you may find that the shifting device or handle does not move easily. It may even be stuck. This can happen when there is a problem with this system as well.

There are other signs that your vehicle may need transmission repair. For example, you may be dealing with loud noises that are growing in intensity. You may feel like the car does not have the power that it used to have. It may take longer for you to get it up to the normal speed it should be running at. In some cases, these vehicles will begin using far more gas to operate even if they are not going any further in distance. You may also find that the car does not drive as smoothly.

Whenever you are experiencing concerns like this, take the vehicle in to a trusted mechanic. It can be a good idea to visit a specialist in this area because they will know what all of your options are and will offer more specialized care. Do not put off getting transmission repair. Sometimes, it just takes a few minutes to adjust your vehicle. Even if the repairs are significant and you need to replace the system, your vehicle's overall working condition depends on it.



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