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Leaving a Legacy

by Franchella Slater

When you die, what is the legacy that you want to leave behind for people to rememberÖ. Itís extremely sad to live life and have regrets of things you wanted to accomplish or love that you didnít share. Whether you are 10 years old or 90 years old, itís never too late to make an immeasurable impact. A little 8-year old girl, Alexander Scott, set-up a lemonade stand in her local community to raise money for cancer research. She succumbed to her disease, however, her legacy lives on through her Alexís Lemonade Stand Foundation. She had hope and passion not only to help her situation, but also to help other children suffering from cancer. Martin Luther King was a minister but he left a legacy for empowering people. Steve Jobs, followed his dreams and left a legacy of technology and everyone in this world has the same ability to make a difference.

Life sometimes becomes a routine and itís hard to step-out of the cycle. Maybe you donít know where to start, but know something is missing in your life that provides fulfillment. People may compliment you on your ability of being a good care giver, so take that skill and volunteer at a nursing home. Perhaps you are a singer, but have not been able to showcase your talent, consider singing on a church choir. Sometimes it takes a life-changing experience to determine your destiny. For instance, Candy Lightner, created the non-profit agency Mothers Against Drunk Driving after her daughter was killed by a drunk driver. The artist Shepard Fairey will be written in history for creating the iconic Barack Obama ďHopeĒ poster which he originally sold on the street. The portrait has now become widely recognized.

The legacy you leave may have a deeper purpose directly within your family. If there is a pie recipe only known by grand mom, perhaps share the family secret recipe with the next generation. You will become known as the person who could make the pie, just like grand mom. In my local South Philadelphia community, there is local historian that often tells about the impact of neighbors that made our community legendary. Sometimes leaving a legacy is about having a ďgood nameĒ. Being kind-hearted, trust worthy, honest and good to others makes a tremendous impact.


Itís time to set goals, have dreams and create a purpose for living your fullest potential every day. First, begin by picking at least one or two things you want to achieve or change about your life from the following items:

1. Spiritual Growth
2. Money
3. Fame
4. Family
5. Love
6. Marriage,
7. Justice,
8. Health
9. Beauty
10. Fitness
11. Career
12. Education

Now if you selected Career and Health as your items to change begin to set goals and obtainable deadlines to complete the goals for each item. Donít get frustrated if you hit a stumbling block. It is a lesson about re-inventing yourself and making a difference.



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