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The Global Impact Project:
Georgia State University and Imbako Public Health Allaying Disparities in Education in Rural Kenya

29th November, 2010 - a beautiful sunny day, in the town of Sitatunga in Kitale, Kenya. The air in the town had a sense of excitement, something good was happening that brought them hope…5 girls had been selected as recipients of the Global Impact Project scholarship; A couple of these girls were residents of Sitatunga, who despite all odds in affording high school education, had been admitted to various universities and colleges in Kenya. Today, the good news was that their college fees and tuition had been paid- a guarantee that they would now be able to attain associate and bachelor degrees.

It was on this day, that Imbako Public Health director, Dr. Okech, arrived in Kitale, Kenya to present the letters of scholarship award to the scholarship recipients, respective parents and their guardians. The beautiful award ceremony was attended by the scholars, their family members, local community members, school district officials, local church leaders, and elders of the community.

Disparities in education of the girl-child, in rural Kenya, still exist today. The Global Impact project (GIP), a Georgia State University, J Mack Robinson College of business- Beta Alpha Psi and Imbako Public Health Initiative, has been a role model towards allaying disparities in education facing women and children in Kenya. The initiative which aims to educate girls from rural Kenya has definitely made huge positive difference not only to the girls and their families, but also to the local communities, and the countries of Kenya. The (GIP) scholarships awarded cover full tuition for the entire associate and undergraduate programs at the selected learning institutions in Kenya. Imbako is the affiliate organization.

In a speech to the selected candidates in 2012, Dr. Irene Okech, Imbako Public Health Director of Healthcare Policy and Finance said: “You were selected based on several criteria, academic achievement being the top. However, it is also because we saw in you a sense of responsibility and desire to do more, and give back not only to your family, but to the community as a whole. The scholarship awarded, will demand from you hard work, effort and accountability...As the first recipients of the award you face 2 major challenges (1). You are the pace setters-Hence you will be required to set the stage, and example for those who will follow after you. (2). You are your own yard stick- you will have no choice but to aim high for excellence in your academic work, your ethical choices, your moral aptitude and leadership positions.”

The Global Impact project continues to grow and to allay disparities in education facing women and children in rural Kenya. As of September 2012, a total 13 girls from rural Kenya have been awarded undergraduate education scholarships from the Global Impact Project. To date, two of the candidates, Millicent Kasievera and Doris Michoki have graduated from University with associate degrees in Business Management.

Founded in 2008, Imbako Public Health is a non-profit organization that focuses on reducing poverty and its effects by addressing disparities in healthcare and education facing women and children in African countries. To date, Imbako has been instrumental in raising awareness of the importance of education to all, and in channeling efforts to support education in rural Kenya. Imbako is based in Atlanta, Georgia – USA and Nairobi, Kenya. . Imbako believes that given a chance to attain education, the potential of the girl child to society will be realized.

To learn more about the global impact project and Imbako Public Health, please visit and


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