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Things My Momma Never Told Me That I Want My Daughter to Know

Things My Momma Never Told Me That I Want My Daughter to Know.  It is the offspring of a conversation I had with my older sister several months ago.  As I recall, we were talking about men, as we often do, and my sister made the comment “Momma never told us about that”.  Her statement struck a chord in me and as our conversation progressed, we both came to the realization that our mother never had conversations with us about much of anything pertaining to love, life choices, sex, men, money or religion.  We never discussed matters of the heart.




Black Wallstreet by Jay Jay Wilson

Black Wallstreet was the most affluent African American community and business district in United States History. At the turn of the last century, Tulsa's black community was thriving with highly successful businesses. Approximately ten black millionaires lived there. Six had private airplanes in 1921. There were affluent black doctors, lawyers, educators, entrepreneurs and oilmen. Over 600 booming businesses literally flourished during this very troubling period in American history.




No Time for Sex

Claudia and David Arp

Today most married couples live in a perpetual frenzy of criss-crossing schedules, meals on the run, continual drop-offs and pick-ups, feedings, meetings, and events. Something has to give, and often it is sex. But according to marriage experts David and Claudia Arp, it does not have to be this way. They offer help for energy-zapped, sleep-challenged, and sex-deprived couples longing to put interest back in intimacy, readiness back in romance, and sizzle back in marital sex. Using an easy, fun, but realistic and biblically based approach, the Arps share five secrets to help time-deprived lovers recapture a five-star love life, including tips for boosting energy and finding time away from the kids. Intimate, frank, and down-to-earth practical, this book is a must for today's harried married


Cheating Men And Their Dirty Little Secrets
Authored by Renee Baum Esq.

The ugly truth about Cheaters -- Their selfish lusts -- The lives they destroy. Inspired by real life stories of betrayal and infidelity -- A woman's blueprint for survival! CHEATING MEN is a stunning expose` about the sordid truths of male infidelity, told by a California Divorce Attorney, who suddenly finds herself betrayed by her own husband after decades of a "loving" and "rock-solid" marriage. Inspired by the author's own personal experience, and the case files of her real-life clients, CHEATING MEN reveals, for the first time, many of the DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS of men who cheat on their trusting partners. A must read for any woman, CHEATING MEN presents a practical road-map for surviving a painful betrayal, taking the reader through the gut-wrenching shock of initial discovery; the futility of denial; feelings of revenge and retribution; the general failure of second chances; divorce wars; the agony of being alone; and the ultimate power of love, faith and family in moving past a relationship that is ravaged by infidelity.


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