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by Sherri L. Lewis

Sugar Hill

Take a walk through Harlem's Sugar Hill and meet the amazing people who made this neighborhood legendary. With upbeat rhymes and read-aloud text, Sugar Hill celebrates the neighborhood that successful African Americans first called home in the 1920s. Children raised in Sugar Hill looked up to these achievers and experienced culture at home, at church, and in the community. Books, music and art expanded their horizons beyond the limits of segregation.Includes brief biographies of jazz greats Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Sonny Rollins and Miles Davis; artists Aaron Douglas and Faith Ringgold; entertainers Lena Horne and the Nicholas Brothers; writer Zora Neale Hurston; civil rights leader W. E. B. DuBois; and lawyer Thurgood Marshall.

The artwork by illustrator R. Gregory Christie is gorgeous, colorful and inspiring. So much fire! Easy for little ones to follow and full of enough golden chunks of information to keep anyone enraptured, this gem of a book celebrates a time when arts and culture were vibrant parts of the lives of many black families and reminds us of the contributions of black achievers such as Zora Neale Hurston, Count Basie, and Thurgood Marshall. I was blown away by this very important book and immediately wanted as many eyes, young and old, on it as possible.



Sovereign James wakes up one morning to discover that he’s gone blind. Sovereign’s doctors can't find anything wrong with him, and he doesn’t remember any physical or psychological trauma. But unless his sight returns, Sovereign’s 25-year career in human resources will end. A couple of weeks later, he is violently mugged on the street. His sight briefly, miraculously returns during the attack: for a few seconds, he can see as well as hear a young female bystander’s cries of distress.

Now he must grapple with two questions: What caused him to lose his vision—and why does violence restore it? As Sovereign searches for the woman he glimpsed, he will be forced to re-examine his most closely held beliefs about race and about himself.



The Ex Wife

Ayana Blue really should have seen this coming. Every week on her top-rated radio talk show, Girlfriend Confidential, Ayana dishes out advice about love, men and relationships. But when Ayana lets her own guard down, it may mean the end of her career-or worse.Real estate agent Cameron Small caters to Atlanta's rich and famous. But when Ayana shows up to look for a condo, it's not Cam's client list that impresses her-it's his knockout physique and his devastating charm. He's in the middle of a divorce and he's got a kid, but hey, everyone's got a past. Besides, she's just this side of plus-sized, and when she feels Cam's eyes caressing her, it drives her wild. That day, Cam finds her the perfect place, and that night, he finds himself in bed with her.Next morning, Ayana's on the air, and practically walking on air, when an irate caller brings her back to earth with a thud. It's Yasmin, Cam's soon-to-be-ex-wife, but she sure doesn't sound very ex...and she knows Ayana slept with Cam. The drama that ensues is anything but confidential, and Ayana is in way too deep.In The Ex-Wife, award-winning author Candice Dow tells a drama-filled tale of passion, jealousyand cheating hearts.


Think Home

It’s so tempting to repaint, repaper, buy a new sofa, hang different pictures when you want to make over your home. Is that effort and expense worth it, if they still fight with the space’s basic structure, the flow, and the way you want to use your home? Time spent thinking about all that will make your changes so much better. Think Home, by Judith Wilson, guides you through that process so you can envision your dream home and make it a reality. Professional designers and architects who’ve created the perfect spaces for the homeowners they’ve worked with weigh in with advice on all of the elements (from a well-planned budget, to creative lighting, bold color, customized storage) that can lead to a beautiful home. Color photos.



Becoming Mrs. Right

Shauntae, a.k.a. Satan's Little Sister, is back! She may not have the sharpest mind, but she knows that her figure can get any guy to do what she wants. Devon Wright, her baby daddy, is the exception. He took their daughter Brianna and got as far away from Shauntae's clutches as he could. Realizing Devon had moved on with his new, Christian wife Cassandra, Shauntae moved on herself-to another pregnancy, this time with good-guy Gary, who's determined to bring Shauntae back to God's graces. But that's not going to be easy. As Shauntae gets up to her old tricks, she stands to lose Gary and everything their relationship has to offer her. But maybe even Satan's Little Sister can clean up her act. If so, she'd better get a move on!




Essence® bestselling author Sherri L. Lewis worked as a physician in a women's prison before pursuing writing and ministry full time. The author of Finding Mrs. Wright




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