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Work Hard,
Be Kind.
by Lisa M. Morton

HAPPY NEW YEAR! H-O-P-E (Having Options Presented Everyday) reigns supreme at the dawn of every New Year! Let hope reign supreme throughout our entire year as we continue the journey of shaping the lives that we were called to parent, guard and mentor.

In these challenging times of raising thinking, compassionate, communicating, reasoning, globally-minded, charitable young people, I am the first to ask, “What am I mirroring and am I being about what I say I’m about?” At times, I shudder because I already know the answer. People talk about resolutions at this time of year; however, everyday that we awaken, in my opinion, should be about resolving that trait which sends mixed messages to the people in our lives--especially the children in our lives--ours or others. STOP your dysfunction with yourself! Until we recognize, embrace and resolve to STOP behavior that is unbecoming of a human being, we are doomed to pass it on. Children learn both consciously and sub-consciously. How can we correct the behavior when our offspring displays it, if we cannot correct it in ourselves? “Do as I say, not as I do” does not work. Our children learn to “honor thy father and mother” when we learn to first honor ourselves. Knowing better and choosing not to do better is the definition of “trifling”.

Learning and growing as a person, and as a parent, is a continual challenge for me; and it is my hope that the work that I do on myself will make my children, and any other young person I come in contact with, a better person. In this season of renewal, what is most important to remember is that every lesson taught and learned boils down to the basic common sense principal of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

When my son entered third grade, his homework for the first day of school was to memorize the classroom creed, which was, “WORK HARD and BE KIND.” I remember thinking, “Wow! Excellent life advice!” That common sense statement was instilled in me through my parents as a child. I thought how simply brilliant it was for this teacher to open these young minds to a credo that thcy can carry with them for life. What a great daily resolution for all to practice; working hard, as it has been said, will not kill you; but it will bring you a sense of great satisfaction. Being kind (I love that word!) keeps our hearts open to give to others and to receive all blessings that are meant for us. Let’s resolve to embrace, share and display Faith, Hope and Love in 2012… more than we did in any years prior. I’ve heard that it takes two weeks for something to become a habit. If this is true, I think that practicing these traits are good habits to try to pick up. It will certainly be a great start in a New Year on this adventure they call “being a parent”!

Until next time…WORK HARD and BE KIND!

Lisa M. Morton


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