Andrew Harmon





The Dangers of Technology



Every day there is a new advancement in technology.  Whether it be personal technology or fitness technology, home technology, sports technology, advancements are being made.   The problem with advancing technologies is that little by little we are slowly turning on each other.  The speed at which information is shared is mind bending.  Look at Twitter, you can find breaking news instantly before it shows up on your nightly news program.  Twitter is even being credited as a legit news source from people other than journalists.  That is right, news journalists read twitter and report on it without verification whatsoever. 

All this talk of Big Brother looking over you and watching what you do and listening into your calls isn’t something that should scare you down the road, it should be freaking you out right now.  Why?  Simple it is all due to the advancements in technology that has basically turned every person with a smartphone into a walking and picture taking informant.  Everywhere you look someone is taking a photo with their smartphone and using it as evidence or posting it online and getting into trouble.  It was a slow and gradual decline with society allowing this intrusion into our daily lives.  It is now common place to see someone taking a selfie that we don’t even bat an eye anymore.  However, sometimes that very selfie can get someone into trouble because they share those photos online and it spreads like wildfire. 

For example in the news recently two soldiers were blasted online when photos of them spread that they themselves posted.  In one instance a funeral detail soldier posted a few photos of herself complaining of the weather and disrespecting her fellow soldiers by saying “someone is getting a jacked up flag” because in the background of her photo you can see an American flag just crumbled up in her backseat. 

In another photo another female soldier posted a photo of herself hiding from saluting the flag as it is being brought down on base.  Sure as a fellow soldier it can be a bit annoying if you are out doing some errands and the music hits and you stop everything and salute the flag.  I know a few people who would try to avoid it at all costs but never did they boast about it to an online community.  Why?  Simple we take our responsibilities very seriously while in uniform. 

You can go back even further and look at the photos that surfaced from the Iraqi prison scandal.  None of this would have happened if the vast sharing of photos online wasn’t such a priority.  Take a look around and for all the bad there are great things with the advancements of technology.  Crimes are being solved with the help of security cameras that are around and without them crimes would be even harder to solve.  The Boston Marathon bombing was solved using those same security cameras that I am sure people around Boston probably didn’t like and felt they were intruding on their private lives.

In the end of it all there are plenty of dangers with the advancement in technology, depending on how it affects you and how you handle it, then you can decide for yourself whether or not it is a good or bad thing.  Just look around and be wary, as with any advancement in technology you might lose a little more privacy but gain a little more security.


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