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With Summer beating its hot air down onto you while you are splashing about in the pool, I bring you some great gadget ideas to hold you over in these next couple of months. So sit back and enjoy a few choice selections that I have chosen for you to check out.

When you are traveling around this Summer going from water parks to beaches you need to know where you are going and how you will get there.

Pack Tap

The Pack Tap is a simple, lightweight way to carry wine, water, or any other liquid in bulk. It is available in 4 sizes (2, 4, 6 and 10 liters) and includes a tough reusable Mylar bladder. It is perfect for outdoor festivals, concerts, and picnics, where glass is prohibited. The Pack Tap makes hauling the beverage for your band of buddies a breeze.

List Price: $19.95-34.95.

Available at various local retailers.

Airport Express
This handy device will help you cut the cord from that 3” blue Ethernet leash. This device fits inside your computer bag, and it is intended to extend your Wi-Fi network so you can beam music to your home stereo system. The Airport Express from Apple has a double function. It can function as a wireless base station all by itself. Plug an Ethernet cable into the box and jam that puppy into an unoccupied wall socket and away you go. When you boot your computer the transmitter shows up and it is ready to be used as a private Wi-Fi domain. You can then either keep it all to yourself OR share it with a few people down the hall.

List Price: $99

Sony PlayStation Vita
This little fun gadget is a gaming device, internet web browser, and a constant companion in long car rides all in one. It has a GPS built-in, web browsing capabilities either through 3G or via Wi-Fi. You can download games and even continue games you played on your PS3 in the car so you can keep up that no-hitter going. The PlayStation Vita has an OLED which makes colors really pop and a decent battery life. The Vita also has a rear touchscreen for use in some games that makes the gaming experience even more richer.
List Price: $249

Origami – The World’s First Power-Folding Stroller and so much more!

Strollers are all the same and haven't changed in decades. That's why 4moms developed the Origami power-folding stroller. At the touch of a button, it folds itself.

  • Power-folding: The Origami opens and closes itself at the touch of a button
    Self-charging: Generators in the rear wheels charge the Origami while you walk

  • High tech lighting: Daytime running lights make you and your baby more visible all the time, and pathway lights located under the stroller turn on automatically in low-light conditions

  • Child safety: Built-in sensors detect when a child’s in the seat (so it’ll never fold by accident)

  • LCD Dashboard: Includes thermometer, speedometer, odometer, tripometer and lifetime tripometer

  • Cell phone charger: Optional cable accessory can be used to charge your cell phone while you walk

  • What strollers should be: Equipped with four cup holders, handlebar bag, lots of storage, luggage-style pull wheels, one-push brake, four-wheel suspension, reclining seat, sunroof, and the ability to buckle-in car seats/bassinets directly – the Origami reinvents the stroller – it’s what a stroller should be

List Price: $849.99 find more information here:

Personal Gadgets
This next set of gadgets will help you maximize your personal space and help you keep all your belongings close to you. Some of these devices are here to make you look even cooler and help you keep your style fresh. Have a look at some very unique devices to help you during the Summer.

Q Card Case

The Q Card Case for iPhone 4S/4 by CM4 unites your desire to simplify life and protect your iPhone. It essentially takes the bulky pocket syndrome out of the equation and helps you maximize your personal space.
Product Highlights:

  • Comfortably fits 3 cards (credit cards, IDs, etc) plus cash

  • Lay-flat Screen Guard™ provides ultimate screen protection

  • Soft-touch finish allows case to easily pull out of your pocket

  • Natural Throw™ buttons maintain an organic connection with your iPhone

  • Exclusive patent pending soft-touch rubber and premium fabric design

List Price: $39.99 check out for more details and colors.

Modify Watches
These guys have come up with something amazing and it can change with you as often as you want. Modify Watches is a company that makes watches, but wait that isn’t all they do. They make watches that you can change by either switching out the wrist strap OR changing the face plate. You can go from a Black Face and Black Wrist Strap to putting in a White Face and keeping the Black Wrist Strap. They have a ton of colors to choose from and combinations a plenty, all with their own unique name. You can have a lot of fun just on their own website alone just playing with combinations. Keeping you cool and stylish in the Summer heat is simple with this watch. They even have a Modify Watch for Philadelphia, how great is that.

List Price: $40 for complete basic sets, additional Faces run you $15 - $20; while additional Wrist straps cost $25 - $30


Verbatim: Store ‘n’ Go® USB 3.0 Colors

Stylish SuperSpeed USB 3.0 portable hard drive transfers data 10x faster than USB 2.0

  • Portable hard drive features USB 3.0 interface (up to 10x faster than USB 2.0)

  • Fully compatible with both USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports

  • Includes Green Button software that offers 3 sleep/suspend settings, saving power when the drive is not in use

  • Includes Nero BackItUp & Burn software (compatible with Windows OS) for automatic back-up/storage recovery

  • Available in Caribbean Blue and Hot Pink

  • Available in 500GB storage capacity

  • 7-year warranty

  • Windows, & Mac compatible

List Price: $139.99 (1TB); $119.99 (750GB); $89.99 (500GB) Available at this website:


Switch is the ultimate modular pocketknife, with 18 different attachments so you can mix and match your most frequently used tools.

Customize your Switch’s width by swapping out the inner axles, or group your tools into different “themes” – home, office, outdoors, etc.


  • Complete set of body covers, axles, and 18 tool attachments.

  • Tools made of high quality stainless steel, with some plastic parts.

  • Plastic case to keep all parts organized and secure.

The Switch set includes:

  • 2 exterior body covers, for encasing the tool attachments.

  • 2 slotted caps to hold the tool together, which can be removed with the twist of a quarter to disassemble the unit.

  • 3 interior axle assemblies – small (2-6 tools), medium (4-10 tools), and large (7-13 tools) — which can be swapped in and out depending on your desired tool width.

  • 18 tool attachments: Basic Blade, Serrated Blade, Woodsaw, Bottle Opener/Flathead, Can Opener/Wire Stripper, Scissors, Nail File, Flathead Screwdriver, Phillips-Head Screwdriver, Eyeglass Flathead Screwdriver, Eyeglass Phillips-Head Screwdriver, Magnifying Lens, Corkscrew, Wrench, Pen, Magnet, Tweezers, L.E.D. Flashlight.

List Price: $79.99 and can be found online at


BBQ and Grillin' Gadgets
It is always a fun time to crack open the BBQ and get down to some grilling. The next couple of gadgets will help you go from getting burnt and Master Chef in no time. Well maybe not that quickly but they sure will help you!

Stem - Tap the Flavor
Spray it, don’t squeeze it! Stem is designed to allow a cook to spray juice directly from a citrus fruit. No longer do you have to cut and squeeze your fruit to get the juice out like a common cook. With only one finger you can now spray citrus juice on your favorite foods evenly. Let Stem add a little zest in your kitchen and on your food!


  • Easy disassembly for cleaning

  • Serrated teeth allowing for simple insertion into fruit

  • Sprays and distributes juice evenly

  • Small and easy to store


  • Polypropylene – Food safe plastic


  • 93.5mm (height), 24mm (diameter)

List Price: $4.99 and can be purchased at

Sliders - Slide and Serve
Make your cookouts a knockout success. Sliders is a set of 4 double-prong skewers that keep food securely on while grilling. The sliders guide food off easily when you’re ready to eat. These are so simple to use that everyone can just focus on the cuisine and each other!


  • Set of 4 skewers

  • Double-prong keeps food secure, even while rotating on the grill

  • Heat-resistant sliders guide food off and keep your hands clean

  • Nonslip rubber gasket keeps sliders in place when not in use


  • Stainless steel double-prong skewers

  • Heat-resistant handles and sliders

  • Nonslip rubber gaskets


  • Each skewer is 14" long

  • Handle is 1" diameter at widest point

List Price: $24.99 find out more at


Porter - Grab and Grill
This summer helper is smokin’ hot! Porter is a multi-purpose BBQ tray that eliminates extra trips between your kitchen and grill. Containers with lids keep raw food safely separated, while a serving platter and condiment caddy hold everything a grill chef needs at hand. This is sure to make your next cookout a blast.


  • 3 containers keep raw and cooked food separated

  • Condiment caddy easily holds paper towel roll and seasonings

  • Serving tray presents cooked food for guests

  • All pieces connect for easy one-trip carrying

  • Food safe materials for containers and tray

19.5" w x 11.5" d x 4" h

List Price: $39.99 Find out more about this at

Smartphones , Cameras and so Much more!
What gadget wrap-up wouldn’t be complete without some smartphones, cameras and whatever else we can find. Here I take a look at some of the best gadgets around right now or coming soon.


Oddly enough this one can come in two flavors, international model or AT&T. The AT&T version sports a longer battery life and LTE connectivity. The One X does represent the best features and qualities you look for in a smartphone, a gorgeous, 4.7-inch 720p display it also features one of the best cameras available in a smartphone and boasts fantastic performance. Put simply, the One X adheres most closely to the ideals of a great smartphone that we look forward to using.

List Price: $200 (on contract) at AT&T

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX66 Digital Camera

The DSC-TX66 camera will be available in silver, gold, red, white, purple and pink this March for about $350

Effective 18.2 MP “Exmor R” CMOS sensor
Ultra-thin design measuring at 12.2 mm thick (excluding lens cover)

Lightning-fast AF speed of approximately 0.13 second in daylight, 0.25 seconds in low-light (speeds may vary based on shooting conditions)

5x wide-angle optical zoom lens (26-130mm in 35mm format) with 10x digital “Clear Image Zoom” at full resolution

“Extra High Sensitivity” technology enhances low-light shooting capabilities
3.3-inch Xtra Fine™ OLED touch-screen

Captures 13 MP equivalent still images while shooting video via “Dual-Record”
Full HD Movie Shooting capability (1920x1080/60i)

Enhanced Optical SteadyShot reduces hand shake during still and video shooting
“Photo Creativity” interface plus 9 “Picture Effect” options for creating unique, custom-styled photos and video

List Price: $349.99 More info at

Finally let us talk about something everyone is doing in the Summertime and that is working out. So how about we take a look a few fitness gadgets as well. I have been using the DDPYoga for a little bit now in combination with lifting weights and these two gadgets have been helping make sure I am getting the most out of my work out. Want to check out DDPYoga for yourself go to

Wahoo Fitness: Blue HR Heart Rate Monitor

World’s first Bluetooth LE heart rate strap transforms your smartphone into an all-in-one training partner

  • Wirelessly relays heart rate (hr) information via Bluetooth Smart technology to your iPhone 4S and other Bluetooth Smart Ready devices, no additional hardware or key needed

  • Generates heart rate information in real-time, providing current hr, average hr, max hr, time spent in hr zones, and calories burned

  • Works in background, allowing you to take calls, text, or use other apps without losing data

  • Compatible with the most popular fitness apps, including Runkeeper, MapMyFitness, and the free Wahoo Fitness App

  • Requires no additional charging, low-energy battery provides up to 1.5 years of battery life (under typical usage)

  • Easily upload fitness results to the web wirelessly at the touch of a button

List Price: $79.99 Website:


LINK* Armband (Bluetooth®-enabled)

The LINK Armband, enabled with Bluetooth® wireless technology, sends information to your fingertips by communicating directly with your smartphone and providing near real-time caloric burn data. This will really help you keep a good running log of your daily activity and chart your progress.

List Price: $199.00 go to

Let’s wrap up the Summer Gadget guide for now. Remember there are a ton of gadgets out there to be on the lookout for and enjoy. Make sure to check out my website I run contests from time to time and post reviews along with video reviews plus I also host a Podcast on the All For Geek Network. So check us out and thanks for reading.


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