Andrew Harmon


Is Philly Technogeek Heaven?

by Kyle Leishear

Philadelphia really is a technogeek heaven. If you didn’t already know it Philadelphia is etching out its own unique mark in the technology, geek, and video game universe. Since you might not know a lot of places around Philadelphia that contribute to this idea allow me to guide you to a few cool places that are in the Philadelphia area that you can either go to and check out, or I can show you something a lot of you use on a weekly basis that you never knew had headquarters in the Philadelphia area, or tell you about some companies that have some very cool and unique products to check out.

First let’s start with a company that has headquarters in Michigan, and in Chicago, IL but they also have headquarters in Bristol, PA. This company brings entertainment to so many people. They help supply the music while you eat. This company is called AMI Entertainment and if you take a look at their website at you can check out just how many jukeboxes they have and just a slew of other touch based entertainment they have.

When bars and restaurants need entertainment, they turn to AMI. Our Rowe and Rock-Ola brands set the standard for digital jukeboxes, while a diverse portfolio of products and services keeps us on the cutting-edge of location entertainment. Whether you’re just hanging with friends or gearing up for an epic night out, AMI is there to make your night memorable.

Who knew that when you go to a local restaurant or bar and you start playing Girls, Girls, Girls by Motley Crue you were supporting a Philadelphia based company. Now I won’t be so mad to hear that song 40 times a night.

Next up in the Tech/Geek Tour is a company that makes video games for all to enjoy. Play Eternal is based in Philadelphia and their website gives a bit more clues as to whom Play Eternal is. That website is You can see they have been quite busy. Play Eternal, a development studio specializing in original game development and third-party video game creation, digitally distributed across consoles, mobile devices, and the PC. Our mission is to create gripping action/adventure games that deliver high-end gameplay in an easily purchased, easily engaged digital distribution package. Through our partnership with Trinigy and their award winning Vision Engine (,  we are able to create a breathtaking, robust game, and deploy it to multiple platforms, including Xbox, PS3, PC Windows, the web, iOS devices, and Android devices.

With a team that has collectively worked on over 40 titles, including Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 (Xbox360/PS3), Guitar Hero 5 (Wii), Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter (Xbox360/PS3), Sacred 2: Fallen Angel (PS3), and Spiderman 3 (DS), Play Eternal brings deep knowledge of the craft and business of making high-quality, profitable video games. Feel free to learn more about the games we are working on, and the services we provide!

So if you are an up and coming video game designer you can contact them and they can help you out with developing your video game and getting them distributed to the platform of your choice. That is just an amazing thing to know and have local.

This next place I am going to talk about is a place where a geek can be a geek and be welcomed. No one is shunned and all ideas are up for debate. This place is called Hive 76.

Hive76 is a community of makers and crafters organized around a shared workspace. We enable our members to invent, build, collaborate, and share skills. We promote science education and the do-it-yourself spirit in our greater community to enable people to make things awesome and make awesome things.
With a mission statement like that you can feel the creative juices flowing. Their website is and they have open house events where you can go in a check out what they got going on and what new hack they are working on.
These groups of individuals are a truly inspirational coalition. The space is open 24/7 to core and basic members and they are here to help out anyone that needs helping. So if you feel like you really need to get your DIY on just remember you can’t just join up….no no no you have to come to a few open houses and talk with some of the other members and see how everything goes. Then you apply and it is those same members that shall decide whether or not you get to join the crew. With great privilege comes great responsibility, and these guys do a lot for the DIY community and if you want to check them out for yourself they have an Open House every Wednesday for three hours around 7pm

Finally this last company is more of a geek science type of vibe but it is such a great company it can’t be overlooked. Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty (  is a company that creates some amazing putty. Now growing up your parents probably played with Silly Putty. Silly Putty was great and all but this is a new millennium and with a new millennium comes some great new putty.

Aaron started his company after convincing his workmates to get 100 lbs of putty. Then next thing you know he was able to change the color of the putty and boom “Crazy” Aaron’s Thinking Putty was born. This putty is so amazing to play with and just have fun. I did a video review of it on my podcast for my website and my son was playing with it the entire time. Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty is not just simple putty, he has putty that is magnetic, changes color with heat, putty that has color that changes depending on the angle you look at it, and even putty that glows in the dark. 

To me the biggest factor of why I am such a champion of Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty is because he employees those with special needs to help and make the putty in a Philadelphia suburb. They truly are the triple threat of awesomeness. They are local, they make a great product proudly in the USA and they hire those with special needs so they can help make a great product.


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