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Philadelphia has been a growing city in terms of technology and servicing those technologies.  For as we know when one of our gadgets break, a little piece of us dies inside.  Luckily for you I found a company that can help you solve any problem you can come up with.  From the smallest fix to the biggest these guys can handle everything.  I introduce you to John Goodman and his company Computer Troubleshooters.  I had the great pleasure of asking him a few questions and he was nice enough to answer them.  Don’t forget to check out my website as well at and be sure to take a listen to my podcast that is available on both iTunes and Stitcher.  

How did you get started with your fascination with technology?

As is the case with many passions, mine began at an early age. For me, this passion began when I started taking apart transistor radios, and not long thereafter, started my first company making infrared door buzzers. After that Just watching the technology world inspired me.

What services do you provide?

We service personal and business computers of all makes and models,

hardware, software, integration and networking as well as custom designed hardware for customers who have those needs. We also provide monitoring of all computer based systems and maintain them remotely or onsite.

We also fix cell phones, Xboxes and play stations.

Is there any problem you couldn't solve?

Of course we constantly weigh the price of repair versus buying a replacement if cost is prohibitive. However, in many cases, the data cannot be saved no matter what.

Has there been any troublesome customers?

With retail you get a wide range of customers with different needs.

Of course, not every customer fits the same criteria. Some can go to the internet or big box stores and find what they need perfectly. However, our customers are  less savvy, needing help getting their technology serviced and consultation in the right direction.

What was the simplest problem you or your employees ever solved?

I guess either a cable or blowing dirt out of a machine.

Do you mind telling our readers what special feature you have in your shop window that to some people would make them panic.

I don’t know about panic but it certainly can raise an eyebrow. We have a PC submerged in liquid, power supply and all. It works! Most people assume it’s fake. The closer they look the more puzzled they get.

The operative word here is “liquid”. The liquid actually has a cooling effect on the PC. Therefore, in needs no fans. You can actually see the fans spinning, of course no air is present for them to blow, but it looks cool. The liquid is mineral oil. Yes baby laxative or horse laxative. I had to buy 12 Gallons from a horse supply place to fill the fish tank.

Do you give advice to people who come into your shop on what types of PC's to purchase?

Yes we always give advice, most customers come in for service and then question us about the next computer or tablet or phone and some of the features they should look for. We gladly offer the information and a price quote.

How far do you get inquires from people wanting service?  Do you just get local business or have you gotten emails from people outside of the Philadelphia area?

We have business customers all the up to Princeton N.J.  Generally, we like to keep it local.

Now some people might be concerned that because your business is a franchise type business that you might lack that local feel and might be missing out on dealing with people on a more personal manner.  How do you overcome this problem?

We don’t have that problem, being a Computer Troubleshooters franchise offers us great support from 450 other franchisees around the world. The Franchisor doesn’t dictate pricing or even the products we offer. It’s simply a tech support franchise. Every franchisee is completely independent. It’s like a worldwide knowledge base for technology. The only thing that is Franchised is knowledge and of course the name.

How would one go about becoming a technology professional?  

I think it’s pretty well known that to be a professional you have to just start doing it. Either on the job training or self-taught until you find your niche.

Now I see you don't call yourselves geeks, tech freaks or gadget guys then what do you and your employees consider themselves besides technology professional?

Don’t let that fool you, that is to get around the stereo types. Of course to enjoy your work you must be one of those you mentioned. A lot of customers are too. Technology is cool and if your job is to know everything about it well, what’s the name for that?

Do you primarily handle computer issues or can you service all ranges of technology?

We started out in 1989 with just PCs but expanded on with the technology changes and service needs. We now services Xboxes and Sony Play stations. As well we fix most phones and other gadgets. We have even fixed transistor radios.

Do you have any special attractions coming to the shop anytime soon?

Oh yes we do.

We take a different approach to get customers attention. Just to let them know we are here.

Anyway, our next little show project is a robotic fish tank. The fish steers the mobile fish tank in the direction it swims. I know, “what’s up with the fish theme”? Actually it wasn’t planned the idea was found on the internet and we knew we had the technology to do it. So we did. That project should be ready show case by the end of spring, we are hoping.

Where can people find your shop or contact you to get help with their computer issues?

We are located at 108 South 20th St. Phila. PA. 19103

We are open from 9 am to 7pm Mon.-Fri. and Sat. 11 am – 4pm

You can also reach us at @phillytechguy on twitter and the less active 


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