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I am always looking out for some great new gadgets to come down the pike and lately technology has really been rapidly improving our way of life.  From home innovations to personal advancements as well as in-car advancements.  So here I am coming to our loyal readers and bringing you some fantastic new gadgets to keep an eye out for.  Sure, some of these might still be in the early kickstarter or indiegogo stage but just to see how great the future is going to be is to exciting not to share.   


NAVDY – A Head-Up Display for the new age driver

Navdy allows drivers to access their smartphone’s apps while keeping their eyes on the road.  Navdy combines a high quality projection display with voice and gesture controls to create a safer, highly intuitive driving experience.

Drivers are three times more likely to get into an accident when they take their eyes off the road to look down at a touchscreen.  “Smartphones were never designed to be used while driving,” said Navdy co-founder and CEO Doug Simpson. “Touchscreen-based apps force you to take your eyes off the road. So we started by completely rethinking what the experience of using apps behind the wheel should be like. Navdy is built from the ground up to be the safest and most intuitive way to make calls, use navigation, listen to music or access notifications without ever looking away from the road.

Navdy is running a 30 day pre-order campaign at Navdy is planning to raise $60,000 through its pre-sales campaign to get backers on board and support initial production efforts.

Navdy is the world’s first in-car platform that offers:

  • Advanced display technology: Projects a transparent image directly within your field of view that appears to float six feet in front of your windshield so you can maintain your focus on the road while viewing navigation instructions, incoming calls, speed, etc. It’s the same technology used by airline pilots to keep their eyes on the runway while landing an airplane.

  • Works in any car: The device can be mounted on any car dashboard, and is powered by plugging in to the onboard computer (OBD II port), available in all cars produced since 1996.

  • Intuitive touch-less gesture and voice controls: You never need to look away from the road while using Navdy. Glance-able apps are controlled with intuitive touch-less hand gestures, while voice recognition lets you ask for directions. Navdy’s noise cancellation technology and wide angle gesture sensors are specifically designed to create an optimal driving experience.

  • All the apps you need: Navdy works with navigation apps such as Google Maps for turn by turn directions, and music apps such as Spotify, Pandora, iTunes Music and Google Play Music. Navdy can read aloud or display notifications from text messages or social media apps, subject to Parental Control settings.  Navdy is compatible with iPhone (iOS 7+) and Android (4.3+) smartphones.

  • Integrated with your car:  Navdy links to your car and is able to display information such as your speed, RPM, miles-to-empty, fuel economy stats, tire-pressure warning or battery-voltage warning from the car’s computer, all presented on your windshield within your field of view.

  • Tuned for the driver: Critical information like turn by turn directions and your speed do not disappear when a phone call comes in the way your navigation app disappears to the background on a smartphone when a call comes in. The information you need, when you need it is always present and clearly within your field of view.


Hub It Charging Station

 HUB IT, the world’s fastest and first ever customizable sync and charge docking station. Combining the aesthetics of Italian design with advanced USB 3.0 technology, HUB IT delivers a sleek and compact power source package, capable of syncing and charging up to seven different portable devices simultaneously with a 2.5A powerful output per port and at a speed of up to 5Gbps. This high-speed seven-port desktop syncing and charging station boasts three USB 3.0 SuperSpeed ports and four retractable cartridge connectors, which can be changed and upgraded with the latest connection format. HUB IT is perfect for quick and convenient charging access anytime on desks, counters, or nightstands for all household portable electronic devices.

A common USB hub cannot fast charge your devices, nor a charger can download a full HD movie in 15 second. HUB IT is the only one sync & charge station with all these features together. Forget the tangles of cables: everything is tidy & organized, at home and in the office, thanks to the retractable cartridge connectors. Finally, HUB IT has 5 slots for additional features, like the wireless Qi charger and many more great optional cartridges.

“HUB IT is the result of more than two years of research and development efforts. Eggtronic is able to offer with HUB IT a unique and stylish solution for consumers looking to sync and charge multiple devices at once. The modularity ensure a customizable solution, for the maximum satisfaction of each user. As we say: Simply Smart!” Says Igor Spinella, Eggtronic founder and CEO.

HUB IT is available now in the U.S. for $79.99 at,, and HUB IT features include:


  • USB 3.0 SuperSpeed specification Compliant

  • Battery charging 1.2 standard compliant device fast charge

  • Auto-Detection upgradable firmware (downloadable at (

  • Plug-and-Play installation

  • Hot swappable

  • Customization and upgrade slots

  • 20W output power


  • 3 x USB 3.0 / 2.0 / 1.1 Compatible Ports

  • 4 x USB 3.0 / 2.0 / 1.1 Slots (including Micro USB, Mini USB, Apple 30 pin, Apple Lightning)

  • 5 x Power Cartridges Expansion Slots


VERVE2 – Children of the future start building new products today 

VERVE2 is the world's easiest-to-use tool for creating amazing projects. Simply plug a sensor into the VERVE and use our app to convert the sensors into keyboard, mouse, text, email, IFTTT, etc. commands. Or log sensor data and see it real-time on your computer, mobile, or tablet anywhere in the world through the internet. Or connect it directly to your website, app, Windows, or Mac game.  NO PROGRAMMING OR ELECTRONICS KNOWLEDGE NEEDED. It literally takes 5 minutes to get started.   

Everybody’s exploring to see how they can connect the physical world to the digital world. It’s exciting and fun, but it also requires specialized knowledge of electronics and computer programming. We think that shouldn’t be a barrier to creativity, which is why we created VERVE2.   VERVE2 allows anyone to create awesome projects that monitor the physical world to control the digital world and internet.\=

VERVE2 gets your stuff on the internet, fast! 

The VERVE2 is THREE awesome products in one. First, like its predecessor (VERVE1), it is a sensor system that you can use to easily control your favorite games or apps with the world around you. Second, it’s a web data server that lets you read sensor data through the internet. Third, it’s a full blown, easy-to-use data acquisition system that lets you collect and monitor data for your own research projects.

VERVE2, the ultimate educational technology toy

VERVE2 is an amazingly fun educational toy that gently brings physical computing to budding technologists and creators. With VERVE2, students learn about computers, science, technology, problem solving, and creativity. The kit comes ready-to-go, out of the box, with eight super useful sensors and plenty of fun games and apps to try. VERVE2 is absolutely fantastic for science fair projects, it lets students "learn, do, and demonstrate." There is no other product like this on the market!

Home monitoring, YOUR way

You can buy products that monitor your home or office, but those are specialized systems. Why not design and build your own monitoring system, and create your own custom solution? With VERVE2 it’s super simple. Try out your own ideas, then implement them in minutes.

Data, data, data!

With VERVE2 you can be master of data collection. Every sensor can be logged, either on your local computer or on the internet, and that data can be saved as CSV files for studying later. Do you want to know how many times your refrigerator was opened last month? Or how long the lights are on? Or how fast a piece of machinery is running? No problem! VERVE2 makes it super easy to log and record up to eight sensors at once.

Let's change the world, together!

We're in a technology revolution, as we enter the age of the Internet of Things. For the first time, technology is cheap, ubiquitous, and available to everyone. But technology still needs to become human-centric, our experiences with technology should be natural and meaningful. Who’s going to change that? This innovative work doesn’t have to be relegated to elite researchers in ivory towers and engineers in million dollar research labs. We can all play a role. Perhaps the greatest contributions will come from everyday people, because we all have unique experiences and perspectives, and because creativity is in all of us. We just need the right tools. Get the VERVE2, and let’s get started!

Trust me people there is so much more out there to discover, and all you have to do is look for it.  If you don't find something then go out and make it yourself.  Check out my videos on YouTube and my podcast on Stitcher and iTunes.  Be sure to check out my webpage as 2015 is going to be a huge year for technology.


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