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Securing Our Kids Internet



It was just recently that a number of high profile celebrities were hacked and some very personal photos and videos of themselves were released to the public.  Shocking as that was for those celebrities few people thought that same level of invasion could happen to them.  Fast forward a few weeks and another round of hacks lead to the release of everyday men, women and yes even teens having their private photos released for the world to see.  Which leads us to wonder if there is anything we could do to prevent this from happening?

Internet security is a huge industry from huge corporations to personal computers needing to be secure from viruses and outside hacks.  Now more than ever you are seeing mobile security coming to the forefront as more and more people use their smart phones to conduct their business as well as sending personal information between friends and lovers. 

Kids these days more than ever have their smart phones attached seemingly to their skin and have access to smart phone apps that allow them to send photos to their friends as well as a giant online community mainly Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  With all that access to them how can we protect them?  That is a great question that has many answers, here we will take a look at a few ways to protect your children and their personal information.


Trend Micro Mobile Security

Trend Micro Incorporated is a global developer of cyber security software, has announced it's latest versions of its consumer mobile security solution. The Trend Micro Mobile Security for Android and iOS.  Trend Micro Mobile Security is the first mobile security app capable of blacking malicious Android apps before they are installed, preventing mobile devices from being infected with potentially damaging malware. 

The Trend Micro Mobile Security also has a list of features including Antivirus, Privacy Scanner, Safe Surfing, Backup and Restore, Lost Device Protection, Privacy Scanner for Facebook, Call and Text Blocking.   Let us take a look at some of the key features in the Trend Micro Mobile Security suite.

  • The Lost Device Protection allows you to find, lock, erase a missing device.

  • Privacy Scanner for Facebook checks for Facebook privacy settings that expose too much information publicly.

  • Privacy Scanner identifies apps that steal or access private information on your device, such as your location, address book and device ID.

Those are all great things for your children to be protected from.  Kids are all to quick to share information without thinking of the ramifications.  Hopefully the Micro Mobile Security can prevent that from happening.

Google also has announced that it is in the process of making kid versions of Google Search that will filter search results for those 12 and younger.  Starting with Google search and their Chrome web browser.  They believe kids aren't looking for the same websites as their adult counterparts, for example if a child types in “train” they aren't looking for their local Amtrak schedule.  So Google will be launching their Google kids version very soon.

Parents have had access to filtering their kids online activities through a series of programs.  Most programs will block certain websites and even alert the parents if the kids start searching for key words that the parent themselves find inappropriate. 

Parents must stay vigil when it comes to home security as well.  Swann has long developed Wi-Fi enabled cameras to watch your house while you are away.  Dropcam is another popular option.  Both of them allow you to check in on your home and you can even be alerted by motion detection technology.  You will get a message on your smart phone alerting you that their has been some motion detected on your camera.  You can then check that camera online and see what is going on to make sure it isn't your dog just running around the house. 

Security for mobile phones, computers, and even your home is very important and you should really do your research and make sure you do your due diligence and find the right product for you and your family.  Key tips are to NEVER share any personal information with anyone, be very careful with what you post online as some photos are geotagged which allows hackers the ability to see where you are at that moment you post the picture.  Just be smart, be safe, and you should be alright.



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