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Recently I went laptop shopping and brought along my girlfriend who perfectly demonstrated the huge difference in men and women when it comes to Gadget shopping. Where Men see specs and don't worry about pricing, women look at everything and make sure that every piece of the gadget works for them. From pricing, to specs, to accessories, to ease of use she dissected everything to make sure the purchase was the right choice.

With that I started to wonder what gadgets would be the perfect companion to a beautiful woman. So I asked around and gathered up all the information along with my crack team of scientists at and we have come up with the perfect list of sexy gadgets to compliment any woman. So I let the girls loose with a few gadgets to get their opinions on which they prefer.

Phone: You can't go wrong with the White iPhone that is a great phone with tons of accessories and of course tons of apps to go along with it. If you are someone who doesn't want to buy into the Apple fandom and you choose and Android Phone go with the Samsung Galaxy S II that was dubbed the iPhone killer and it comes really close. The Motorola Droid RAZR was brought into the discussion but some of the women dismissed it due to its large size.

Kyle's Scientific Scale-o-Rama judgment – The iPhone has been around for so long and has tons of cases and accessories to make it the go to gadget to match any outfit in any occasion you are in. You really can't go wrong with a device that is as popular as the iPhone.

Camera: Now this one is a tough one. So many options to choose from. You can be trendy and go with the Nikon Coolpix that has lots of great features offers great photo production or you can go with the Samsung SH100 that has built-in WiFi, for all those easy Facebook uploads. No need to wait for getting to a Laptop and uploading it can do it itself. You can choose a Sony camera or a Canon. With so many options this one was tough to come by but the judges have rendered their decision.

Kyle Scientific Scale-o-Rama judgment - Sony - Cyber-shot 16.2-Megapixel Zoom Digital Camera. The reasons behind this decision was simple. The women all seemed to enjoy its sleek profile, fantastically clear image quality and its ease of use was amazing for them. It is a bit on the pricey side but that price comes with great performance.

Media Streaming Devices: This was a much heated debate among the ladies as they all said each device was “cute” and “easy” to use. The battle came down to Sony's Media Network Player (SMP-N200) or the Roku Player. Both have many of the same attributes while the Sony Media Player could connect to a home network many of the girls didn't want all that fuss. While the Roku could not and was offering many “channels” that need subscriptions. After all the dust had settled a winner emerged.

Kyle Scientific Scale-o-Rama judgment – The Roku player was deemed the better device to stream internet media to your TV. With a bigger menu and very simplistic options and channels to choose from both paid and free options, the women felt it was very easy to setup and have running out of the box in minutes. Not only that but certain Roku players can actually play onscreen apps like Angry Birds with its wireless motion controller.

E-Reader: This is the one that got the ladies attentions right off the bat. So many to choose from and with the Nook and Kindle leading the way this one really came down to personal preference. However there was a winner chosen after much wailing and nashing of teeth.

Kyle Scientific Scale-o-Rama – The Amazon Kindle came out victorious but only by a SLIM slim margin. The women preferred the Amazon Kindle Fire with its vibrant colors and depth of selections as an E-Reader. The huge amount of options this device can recognize was tremendous and the 7” screen made reading a breeze.

Honorable Mention – Fitness category

This last category was a toss up as I asked the women about their New Years Resolution and most of them said weight loss so I wrangled up a gadget and offered it up to them to see how it would appeal to them. The gadget was the Withings – WiFi Digital Body Scale. This device gives you a visual representation of your weight loss. Plus you can track your progress online and upload your progress to your online secure account. They didn't have much time to play with this one but for the time they did have they recommended it.

Kyle Scientific Scale-o-Rama – Without being able to spend a ton of time with the device it is almost to tough pass judgment on it. From what I saw it really seem to keep the ladies interested and informed on how well they are doing with their weight loss goals. The fact you can view the results online means you can keep up with your stats while you are away from home. Making the excuses very minimal on why they can't keep up with their New Year's Resolution.

So that is it folks. I learned, ok I tried to learn, how the other half thinks. Where as a guy I just narrow my option down to one thing and go right after it. The women all gave me a few reasons for each of their decisions. It was quite an interesting dynamic to try and see how the women would judge some of the gadgets when given all the price points and various other options.

Thanks for reading and as always feel free to check out my website where I do my best to review some of the latest and unique Gadgets on the market and keep you up to date on the latest happenings in the Technology world.


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