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4 Backyard Games to Promote Physical Activity In Children


Simple physical indoor and outdoor games have been a Zeus of all physical activity since the beginning of time. Back in the day, a simple backyard activity would bring tons of fun; the tire swing, the tree house and a simple hide and seek game were enough to provide the needed recreation. (read more)

Three Valuable Things to Consider While Buying Medicines from an Online Pharmacy


Various researches have revealed that in this 21st century, one in four people are opting to buy medicines online. Do you know why? The reasons behind this is nothing rather than safety and convenience. Today purchasing medicines online has made life so easy that people do not want to waste their precious time visiting a general store and buying them. (read more)


July 2015

Five Secret Habits of Successful Weight Loss


I want to reveal to you that no matter how difficult your weight problem may seem, you can change your life for the better. If I can do it, so can you. As many know I wasn't always so strong or sure of myself, and much of that insecurity has to do with my weight. I have had a weight problem practically all my life and I always will. But now things are different, and they can do for you, too. Enough of this lengthy intro, at least for now! OK? Then let's dive in with the first success habit of thin or slim people. (read more)


April 2015

 Exercise: Don't Let Them Stress You Out


There are lots of different factors that can make you feel stressed at work. There are difficult circumstances in the workplace and even in your personal life that can in some cases be simply beyond your control. Finding yourself in this certain scenario can be extremely stressful. (read)


January 2015

Getting Started with Biking


Biking will be one of the best activities that one can enjoy during weekends. Roaming around your neighborhood is the great thing and it can even consider as a form of exercise.  If you've ever ridden a bike before, even as a kid, getting started again is easy. They say once you learn, you never forget. This section deals with getting you back on a bike and cruising your community in safety and comfort. (read more)

October 2014

Memoir of Diabetes


It was the sunniest day of the year; I remember it well. The sun’s spikes, the laughs of the normal adolescents outside enjoying the sun, my frequent visits to the mirror, and my infrequent smiles I gave the thirteen-year-old girl who stared into it. As I lifted my arm to clean my face that had sadness splattered all over it, I heard mother yell, “Come on, Marlene!” The sweat of my brow was my only association with the sun that day. (read more)

What's the Best Product For Weight Loss?


There is no need to risk your health or even life for weight loss. Just get on a vegetarian diet and you can enjoy the best of shape and health at the same time. Anything that is unhealthily, dangerously or artificially created for fat loss is definitely not the best weight loss product on the market. Diet pills, meal-replacement shakes, high-protein diet, liposuction, and low-calorie diet are examples of weight loss solutions you should never attempt. (read more)


Being careful not to discount the role of genetics in humans as biological systems, it is a fundamental task of researchers, coaches, and other educators to recognize the role of lifestyle in the formation of metabolic syndrome. It is an even greater task to transmit this information into the minds of patients and students. But first, an understanding of a metabolic syndrome is critical before attempting to combat it.  (read more)


July 2014

Exercise Important of Your Strength

  Exercise is also known as aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise uses your large muscles and can be continued for long periods. For example, walking, jogging, swimming, and cycling are aerobic activities. These types of exercises drive your body to use oxygen more efficiently and deliver maximum benefits to your heart, lungs, and circulatory system. (read more)

April 2014

Some Golf Grip Tips To Improve Your Golf Game


In this instance, I mean the golf grip of their hands, not the rubber grip on the shaft. When you think about it though, the full swing action begins with the golf grip, which will need to boost its relevance in getting it correct. If your golf grip does not work, why should anything that comes after work? There is a unbiased grip for any golf enthusiast. That golf grip is when your arm hangs straight down from the shoulder socket and the direction of your target side hand. (read more)


January 2014

Tips for Finding a Good Long Term Care Facility


What is an ideal long term care facility? Various answers cropped up from the aged who, after all, make up a big percentage of the recipients of caring services in the USA and elsewhere for that matter. Most men and women in their retirement years still prefer to be cared for by their children right in the comforts of their homes. However true, there are some individuals accustomed to their independence and would rather be under the care of nursing institutions or retirement communities. (read more)


October 2013

It Is Easily Done To Identify The Signs Of Diabetes


Diabetes is usually referred to as a quiet condition because many individuals have it without even understanding it. It is essential that every person know the conditions and signs of diabetes to ensure that they can find medical attention as soon as they presume that they could have diabetes everyone must pay focus to what their physical bodies are attempting to inform them. (read more)


July 2013

Kids, Martial Arts, and Self-Defense


Parents instinctively know that the safety of their children is under constant threat. More kids than ever before are abducted and victimized by predators each day. Plus, playground bullies, older children, and others prey upon the young, thinking them defenseless. By enrolling your child into martial arts classes, you can equip them with the skills to ward off an attack or evade it altogether. (read more)


April 2013

100% Fitness


100 Percent Fitness is a lifestyle embodiment dedicated to helping people improve their overall health. (read more)

January 2013

Feel The Bang! of DDP Yoga


Normally I talk about Tech and Gadgets for this magazine as well as my website, however I am going to change it up and talk about Fitness for a bit. In this fitness article I am going to take a look at a different kind of Yoga. DDP Yoga lets you take charge of your life and take back the control you have lost. DDP Yoga is a fitness revolution created by Diamond Dallas Page, a former professional wrestler, who created DDP Yoga to help prolong his career. (read more)

Matt Zoltak:
 Local Athlete Turned Entrepreneur


A college baseball injury turned out to be life-changing for ProCore Sports President Matt Zoltak, but not exactly in the way he expected. Zoltak, a left-handed pitcher, played four years of varsity baseball at Plymouth Whitemarsh High School before accepting a scholarship to pitch at Clemson University. After his sophomore year of college he played in the prestigious Cape Cod Baseball League before transferring to Florida Southern College. (read more)

October 2012

The Mass Suite = Insane Workout


When you first look at the MASS Suit you might have the first thought I did, this looks like something a Batman villain would wear. Seriously when I first saw this thing I thought that the guy looked like Bane getting ready to go tear up Gotham. Then you look deeper and you really start to see just how intense the MASS Suit will take your workout, what am I saying it just doesn’t ramp up your workout it takes it to an insane new level. (read more)

July 2012

Health and Fitness

  Who does not like lazing on the sofa and watching TV. Or cuddling up in bed till late in the morning and refusing to let go off the sheets. It does take a mammoth effort to define a routine for physical activity, in spite of the clear understanding that a lifestyle without any physical activity, is like digging your own grave. No one wants to be called a couch potato, and worse, look like one. (read more)
April 2012

Outdoor Toys for Your Entire Family


Are you thinking that toys are only for kids? You better think it over again because this article will show you that toys are not only for kids, but for your entire family. There are two categories for toys: indoor and outdoor. (read more)


September 2011

Yoga at Any Age, Yoga Anyone

  Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word, yuj, meaning to yoke or unite. There is an estimated 14.3 million people in America practicing yoga. My start in yoga happed out of necessity due to a car accident which took out my knee. (read more)


Change Is Gonna Come... Oh Yes It Is!


For those of us connected to Mother Earth, our universe, our feelings and emotions, we are acutely aware of change as it comes upon us and our environment. We know exactly how to “roll with the punches”, but for the rest of us who don’t have a clue, I have 7 Core Yogic teachings to help support you as change comes into your life. (read more)



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