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Change Is Gonna Come…

Oh, Yes, It Is!

By Kind Essence, M.Ed., Certified Yoga Instructor, Spiritual Intuitive Healer

For those of us connected to Mother Earth, our universe, our feelings and emotions, we are acutely aware of change as it comes upon us and our environment. We know exactly how to “roll with the punches”, but for the rest of us who don’t have a clue, I have 7 Core Yogic teachings to help support you as change comes into your life.

I am coming from a “yogic” background, therefore, metaphysics plays an important role in my logic. Once I began my studies in yoga philosophy, I knew it was going to have a positive effect on my life and how I was to approach it.

How does change come into your life? Does it come with a smooth Denzel Washington swagger, or with the intimidation of a Hurricane Irene? You should know so that you can “captain your ship” in the direction that you want it to go. If there is some confusion, give these 7 Core Yogic teachings a try.

Change came into my life, radically, back in 2004. I wanted to pursue my PhD in San Francisco, but the universe had other ideas. I came back to Philly to visit my family, one last time, before moving to California, but what I saw changed my life. My aging mother and aunt were at a place where they needed help in order to be able to continue living in their own home and community. I made the decision to come back to Philly to live and to take care of them. A change was upon me, whether I was ready or not. It was scary! After months of crying, I finally gave in. Once I accepted the change, surprisingly enough, everything fell into place.

1. “Change is inevitable, continuous and unavoidable.”, states a Buddhist Doctrine of Impermanence. With acceptance comes this realization; it’s not just happening to you, but to every living entity. Change comes bringing movement and manifestation into your being, sustains it for a while, and then it disappears. The ebb and flow of the ocean, the changing of the seasons, the expansion and contraction of the earth. Accept this as part of nature and you’ll be in better shape facing your microcosmic levels of shifts in your physical, mental and spiritual life.

2. Change is an invitation to step out of your comfort zone and into a new arena. How do you perceive change? If you look at it as an “invitation” to free yourself or upgrade, you’ll fare better. As the kids say, “Don’t be scared!”. Leaving home for college, moving to a new city, quitting a longtime job to start your own business, or getting a divorce are opportunities to test your stamina for change. Once you’ve stepped off the bridge and into the unknown, you will never be the same… and you don’t want to be. This is your ticket to growth; and as you grow, consciously, you become more connected to your true self.

3. Deal with the fear and uncertainty which accommodates change; try meditation. “Don’t be scared” is easier said than done. Fear can stop you dead in your tracks; it’s the biggest contributor to procrastination. In Russell Simmons’ latest book, Super Rich, he states that he meditates often when he is confronted with choices because it helps clear his head. Meditation helps you to move into your discomfort with ease, rather than away from it.

4. Uncover your truest desire. What is my desired outcome in this situation? How can I honor my voice? Ask the teacher within. As you sit in mediation, answers will come. Write them down. Self-inquiry, or “atma vichara”, is the process for navigating change.

5. Set a strong intention; a clear, articulate, affirmative statement. Call on the power of your personal will. Align your will with the will of the cosmic universe.

6. Take action one step at a time. We call this “abbyasa”--steady effort in the direction you want to go. Create a plan of possibilities based upon your self-inquiry and responses. Once thought out, you must take action.

7. Practice letting go! Making changes affords you the opportunity to detach, “vairagya”. Allow yourself to feel the anxiety or fear, rather than letting it go. These things exist; acknowledge them, but remember that they don’t define who you are or where you are going.

Kind Essence offers yoga classes, workshops and retreats. Contact her at 856-297-7070 or for information regarding classes in her Wynnefield Studio.



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