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The MASS Suit = Insane Workout

When you first look at the MASS Suit you might have the first thought I did, this looks like something a Batman villain would wear. Seriously when I first saw this thing I thought that the guy looked like Bane getting ready to go tear up Gotham. Then you look deeper and you really start to see just how intense the MASS Suit will take your workout, what am I saying it just doesn’t ramp up your workout it takes it to an insane new level.

How does it do that? Great question and the answer is simple, it takes resistance training to a completely new level. Imagine yourself not having to carry around all these resistance bands to your gym but instead you are WEARING them. You read that correct, the MASS Suit turns your body into one large resistance band wearing machine. Normally you have one resistance band to do your upper body workout, well how about 4 bands that are now connected to your hands and elbows. Think of the intensity you are starting to build up.

This device is nothing you have ever seen before. Designed to help MMA training with your punches and kicking and Muay Thai knees and elbows, the MASS Suit is now starting to work its way into other areas of activities. You can wear this while you are swimming to get more hardcore impact training. Something as simple and easy as swimming can be turned into a total body workout. This is a great description of what exactly the MASS Suit is and what it can do for you taken right off their website at

The MASS Suit is worn on the body to stabilize the braces and bands giving a connection point. The true and only one size fits all MASS Suit is made with neoprene and web cloth that provides a non-sweat absorbing and allowing breathing for the back and core to make sure your body has proper oxygen intake for extreme training. The straps worn on the shoulders of the MASS Suit are adjustable. They have been worn by a 7 foot man to a 5 foot woman. The side straps and waist straps are also adjustable and have been worn by a 350 pound man to a 115 pound woman. The bands that connect from the MASS Suit to the knees and ankles criss cross to provide angles that the body has to work against which provides more strength and balance.

The furthest angle provides the most resistance to increase the output of energy and power during your training. It also gives you an unstable balance which then makes you really focus on the tightening of your core and the proper movement of your legs during any type of exercising. The angles of the bands creates an off balance during your training to make you concentrate on rebalancing your upper body, core, hips, groin, legs and feet. In sports you are not always on two feet and are not always balanced and most likely twisting & turning and changing directions. The MASS Suit simulates these actions during training so when it comes to competitions and game time your muscle memory knows how to react and make your body regain its balance to provide the right direction of power and speed to give your actions the best force possible. This also gives you a better chance for you body to even be off balance which will give you the edge over your opponent.

You will be hard pressed to find an activity or sport that you won’t get a huge benefit from while you are wearing the MASS Suit. You are working out while you are running around; doing passing drills, playing a pickup game of basketball, heck even riding a bike turns a regular simple ride into an intense uphill resistance band workout that you can only get by doing a hardcore spin class. The benefit really shows after you take off the MASS Suit and see just how quicker you are, stronger you have become and you can even see just how more impact you have while you are working out in the gym.

Yes you can even take this and wear it while lifting weights to add another incredible dynamic to your workout routine. Take you tired old weight lift program and dial it up to 11 with resistance band training. The best part about the MASS Suit is you can also use this as a substitute for the gym, turning this into a truly portable workout device.
When you get the MASS Suit you also get a workout routine that you can do while wearing the MASS Suit. You can target specific muscle groups and you can easily change the bands around to whatever exercise you are going to do very quickly so you aren’t losing your momentum and dropping your heart rate out of its fat burning zone.

The pictures in the booklet are in great detail and you get directions on every exercise on where to start and where to stop. Trust me I did a few of the exercises and in just 20 mins I was sweating more than I do when I do my usual 60 mins of hitting the weights. This device kicks my behind day in and day out. My goal is to max out the MASS Suit, what that means is that you get 8 resistance bands to start and you get an amazing workout with those starting 8 but to max out the MASS Suit you can get up to 16 bands…imagine that workout.

Simply put you go out and purchase the MASS Suit and you will instantly crank up your workouts to a completely new insane level. I was even to use my MASS Suit while doing DDP Yoga and man alive did that beat me down like I have never been beaten before. This product is one amazing piece of exercise equipment. Whether you practice MMA, Football, Basketball, Swimming or even Biking and so many more, the MASS Suit will take your performance and exercise to levels you only dreamed about.

Where can you get this wonderful device and even learn more about it; go to and look around and see if this is the device you want to get to help you achieve your fitness goals and shatter them in the process. I love this device and you will too.




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