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60 Second Geography Lesson:
New England and Canadian Atlantic

  New England and the Canadian Atlantic make up the most northeast portion of North America, bordered on the north by the Arctic ocean. New England refers to the area covered by six of the United States of America: Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, Rhode Island and New Hampshire. The Canadian Atlantic consists of the three Maritime provinces – New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia – as well as Canada’s easternmost province, Newfoundland and Labrador. (read more)
July 2015

How to Choose the Best Airline For Long Distance Route

  Are you planning a vacation? If the answer is YES, then you need to prepare the transport. If you want to travel for long distances, then you should consider the aircraft to save you time. The aircraft is the only vehicle in the world that can travel in long distances with a relatively short time. If you want to use the aircraft on a vacation, then it is advisable for you to read some tips on how to choose the best airline. (read more)
April 2015

  Today, instead of spending vacation outside of the country more and more families are slowly realizing the practical advantages of going on vacation within the country. Specifically, Orlando in Florida is fast regaining its popularity amongst local tourists. This is primarily as a result of one factor: vacation packages! Thats right, demand for vacation packages to Orlando have gone up in recent years. (read more)
January 2015

Honeymooning In Thailand

  Thailand offers you a fantastic tropical honeymoon experience. The country offers an array of attractions for the honeymooners. While towns like Bangkok compete with the West for entertainment activities, places like Krabi and Phuket put forth another facet of the country. (read more)
October 2014

10 Ways to Stay Safe While Traveling

  Staying safe while traveling abroad is always top of mind. Most people aren't dishonest, but those few bad apples or one unfortunate incident can blemish an amazing travel experience. We created a list of tips for staying safe while traveling abroad. (read more)
July 2014

Summer Tips

  Summer is here and everyone is very busy thinking what would be their summer experience this summer. Many people like to go to beaches and others like to go on swimming or just go hiking or cycling and some just want to stay at their house and rest for the next season. So what could you do this coming summer? I can share you some things that you can do this summer holidays . (read more)

The TSA Took My Luggage Security Away


“The message boards say that I should duct tape my bags shut to keep people from stealing things.” A client recently posed this situation to me, and she was expressing a concern that we all have: How secure is my checked luggage once it’s out of my hands? I have personal experience with luggage being lost and with locked bags being slit open…it’s a terrible feeling. So what should you do? To get the full story, I went to two sources. (read more)

April 2014

Tips and Tricks to a Magical Disney Vacation!


It all started when I was two years old. My parents brought me to the magical land of Disney World, and I was hooked. I’ve been there at least 15 times since that first trip, including my honeymoon! Every vacation there has been magical, even in the heat and humidity of Florida in August!
(read more)

Dining with the Mouse
The Best Disney Dining

  I love the Disney Food Blog! The fact is that when you go to Disneyland or Walt Disney World, you’re going to be dining in and around the park. I encourage my clients to consider adding in the Disney Dining Plan to their Disney vacations to make things easier. (read more)
January 2014

Planning a Vacation at London Boroughs and Its Hotels

  Visitors can have different perceptions of a vacation in London. Spend some time at one of the famous boroughs of this city which might bring you a time way different from your previous experiences. As a traveler you might be unaware of the best boroughs in the city. Every Borough has its own way of governance. There are a lot of Boroughs in central London like the Croyson, Islington, Kensington and Chelsea, Westminster, Southwark and Greenwich. (read more)
April 2013

Attractions in Las Vegas

  Las Vegas, the Entertainment Capital of the globe, has lots of free attractions for everyone. Famous for shopping, gambling, top notch restaurants, amusement and lively night life, Las Vegas is the 28th most densely populated city in the United States of America. You don't need to worry about your budget as the city offers lots of free things to do. (read more)
January 2013

How to Travel Alone

  Consider learning basic self-defense. For instance, by striking the eyes, nose, throat, groin or knees, you can disable an assailant. Research your destination so you'll know what to expect in terms of attitudes toward foreigners and, if you're female, women. (read more)
October 2012

Beach Front Real Estate Property in Costa Rica

  Have you thought about making the giant leap and purchasing beach front property as a second home or an investment? During the past 5 years real estate has been increasing at a remarkable 18 - 30 % per year. How do you invest in Costa Rica beach front properties? (read more)
July 2012

Atlanta's African American Philharmonic Orchestra

  When you say “philharmonic orchestra”, the first thoughts that usually come to most people’s minds are the names Beethoven, Bach, Tchaikovsky and, of course, elevator music. However, after listening to Atlanta’s African American Philharmonic and Jazz Orchestra, you may want to add the names of James Brown, Duke Ellington, Luther Vandross and Count Basie to that distinguished list. (read more)

My Trip to North and South Korea

  August 19, 2011, I departed the United States for a trip that would include visits to South Korea and North Korea. Despite a bad start — a delayed flight and lost luggage, the trip was great. I spent eight days in South Korea and eight days in North Korea. Booking the tour to South Korea was difficult, as there are very few travel agencies offering tours to South Korea. (read more)

St Kitts: The Hidden Jewel Of The Southern Caribbean

  With sixty-nine square miles of diverse ecosystems, colonial history and inviting culture, St. Kitts is the Southern Caribbean’s best kept secret. Boasting an average year-round temperature of seventy-eight degrees Fahrenheit and the vibrant, inviting atmosphere for which the Caribbean is known, St. Kitts will certainly win the heart of any traveler lucky enough to discover it. (read more)
January 2012

Urban Suburban Magazine - Home Away From Home - U.S. Virgin Islands
Paradise Awaits...


The U.S. Virgin Islands offers unique character, diverse culture, and breathtaking Caribbean views. With many direct, non-stop flights from major U.S. cities and no passport required for U.S. Citizens, a memorable and hassle-free vacation in paradise is just a quick plane trip away. (read more)

September 2011

Urban Suburban Magazine - Home Away From Home - Experience the Bahamas
Experience Beauty and Diversity in The Islands Of The Bahamas


Life in The Islands of the Bahamas is as culturally diverse as it is vibrantly beautiful, from the carefree Out Islands to exciting Nassau/Paradise Island and Grand Bahamas Island. With world-class restaurants, award-winning spas and resorts, an assortment of physical activities such as deep-sea fishing, golf and scuba diving, and miles of white and pink sandy beaches that are lined with the clearest waters in the world, the Bahamas offers visitors the opportunity to do everything or nothing at all. (read more)


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