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Beach Front Real Estate
Property in Costa Rica
by Bob

Have you thought about making the giant leap and purchasing beach front property as a second home or an investment? During the past 5 years real estate has been increasing at a remarkable 18 - 30 % per year. How do you invest in Costa Rica beach front properties? Read on, and I'll share my thoughts on the guidelines to buying beach front property anywhere else in Costa Rica.

Here's one current example of one the best deals for beach front property that is 38 (plus acres) that could be developed as urbanization or your own personal estate.

There are only two ways to go about buying beach front property in Costa Rica? The wrong way, and my way. Based on my experience of living here in Costa Rica for the last 15 years. Here are my thoughts:

Make sure the area your looking at is a place you would like to vacation at. If you plan on making a large purchase then spend a few days in the area to see if it is the right place for you. You will get a more in depth idea if you spend more time there. You don't want to in your "tropical dream paradise" regretting that you've done it.

Find a competent lawyer to represent your investment. Do not use the lawyer who is associated with the buyer. Always find your own lawyer to manage your purchase. It's important to find one that has considerable knowledge of maritime zone law.

Costa Rican maritime law is different in every Central American country and you need to know all of the details before purchasing beach front property in Costa Rica. In Costa Rica, the maritime zone is 200 meters from the average median high-low tide all year long. The first 50m is public property and the 150 meters from that line is restricted. The 150 meters stretch can not have an "original title", but can be leased by a concession by the local municipality.

Once your sure of purchasing your property act quickly (but prudently). Since property in Costa Rica is in high demand a good deal won't last long. Land prices are on the rise, and not showing signs of slowing down any time soon. Once you're sure, act. The current owner may have second thoughts and want to renegotiate or may not want to sell.

Negotiate directly with the owner. There are many middle men that light be charging you too much. If an agent says you can't speak with the owner then do not waste your time or money.

Get a topographer to do a recent survey the land. The owner will have a "plano catestrado", but you will need to make your own survey to verify the location and size of your property. You want to make sure your getting what you paid for.

The best of luck in your search for your beach front property in Costa Rica!


Written by Bob who has been living in Costa Rica for the last 15 years. Love for the Country, culture and people make him a reliable source for information for Beach Front Real Estate Costa Rica.



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