Andrew Harmon



Munching with the Mouse:
The Best Disney Dining

by Alfreda Asbury

I love the Disney Food Blog! The fact is that when you go to Disneyland or Walt Disney World, you’re going to be dining in and around the park. I encourage my clients to consider adding in the Disney Dining Plan to their Disney vacations to make things easier.

At Disneyland, the dining plans offer a great convenience. It allows you to add the cost of a few meals and snacks into your total vacation price, which helps with budget planning. For my family, when the kids know that they each have a voucher good for one treat or snack – maybe it’s popcorn or a frozen treat – they are less likely to ask for everything they see, and they want to spend that voucher wisely!

At Walt Disney World, the dining plans are a convenience AND a tremendous value! They can save up to 10% on dining, which is a fabulous value. And, because I work with the Walt Disney Travel Company, there are several times during the year when I have their exclusive offer of “Complimentary Disney Dining” where your dining is included. It’s a great deal that you won’t find at your on-line travel agency, so be sure to ask if it’s available when you want to go to Orlando!

But, no matter how you choose to pay for your dining, the fact remains that you WILL be patronizing the restaurants, snack outlets and cafes when in the Disney theme parks. I love reviewing the Disney Food Blog for the latest news, dining suggestions, etc. If someone in your family has a special diet, Disney is known for providing plenty of options for gluten-free, lactose-free, sugar-free, etc., and the Disney Food Blog is a great place to get information on all of it.


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