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How to Effortlessly Stay on Top of Style Trends for Spring/Summer 2014 and Any Season Beyond

by Nikki Purvy

Now that spring has officially sprung, all fashion junkies around the world are desperately seeking events and opportunities to show off their sartorial prowess.  Every year at the first sign of warmth after the winter fashionistas and fashionistos around the world walk down the street in the brightest of colors, and the trendiest of styles with the same thought in their heads “Look world, now that its warm and I can shed my hideous outerwear, and I have a lot to show you about who I am.  I’ve been studying all the footage of all the “fashion weeks” around the world and I am a fashion God underneath 5 layers of long Johns, 12 scarves, and my old trusty parka”.  And yes, all of us fashion Gods, from the red carpets in Hollywood to the bus stops at the corner of your mothers block, all actually think this way.  So as an ode to the first 2014 warm weather edition of Urban Suburban magazine, you would naturally think that we would produce an article that speaks to the top Spring trends of 2014.   Yes we could discuss how during this 2014 spring season, metallic pants, and neoprene crop tops will dominate your wardrobe(cause they will), but no, we’re not discussing these topics today.  Instead we’ve decided to give you something a little more valuable and a lot more timeless.  We’ve decided to enrich your hearts with tips on how to effortlessly stay on top of style trends despite the season.  Use these tips and save time and energy scouring the web and magazines for tips on what to wear to your next networking mixer this spring season or any season yet to come.   

1)   Know your body

Every season brings new trends and styles.  No matter your level of fashion expertise, it would behoove you to be familiar with the trends and styles of the season.  But before you go spending all of your rent money on sheer tops and symmetric prints, you must fully understand your body.  That is, you must know what looks good on you.  This rule trumps all styles and trends when determining a how stylish a person is.  Just as the fitness rule states that “you can lose weight by dieting and no exercise; but you can’t lose weight with simply exercise and no dieting”, the following fashion rule is equally as applicable: “you can be fashionable without knowing trends while understanding what works for your body type; but you can’t be fashionable by simply knowing the trends and yet disregarding the best styling for your body type.”  

For example, if someone studies the style blogs and learns that investing in slochy pants is a great idea for the 2014 spring season while disregarding the fact that they have shorter than average legs, no style trend can save them from looking ummmm…less than fashionable.  Or here’s another example from my personal playbook.  I have this amazing boxy cropped authentic 1980s police jacket.  Although, it is probably one of the most stylish pieces in my wardrobe, I can’t seem to bring myself to wear it because the broad shoulders highlight the fact there isn’t that much difference between my hips and waist (from the front, from the back is a different story).   So every time I try to wear this jacket my shoulders look extremely broad and my hips look look like that of a 12-year-old boy, so I skip this trend entirely.  I can’t really think of any circumstance outside of dressing up as Harry Potter for Halloween where I would want to look like a 12-year-old boy. And even in that case I would probably opt for a “sexy” Harry Potter with a waist-cinching robe and a low cut wool argyle vest.  So no, no 12-year old boy fashion for me. 

Know your body. Play around with a trend in the dressing room before investing in it.  Ask yourself these questions before venturing in the world in a new style:

1)     does it make me look wider than I naturally am

2)     does it make me look shorter than I naturally am

3)     does it accentuate a part of my body that I normally try to hide

If you answer yes to any of these questions, skip this look.


2)   Shop Classic Timeless Pieces

When shopping for a new season, yes it always a great idea to grab items that follow a new trend.  But don’t forget to pick up a good amount of pieces that span time and trends.  I have always described my personal style to be that of “classic trendy”.  I know that sounds like an oxymoron but seriously, I consistently concoct a single look out of 1 part classic such as a blazer, a pencil skirt, a black turtle neck, or a classic pump and 1 part trendy, such as a cropped top, a metallic pair of pants, or a sheer top.  By maintaining this balance, I’m always partly prepared for any season and I always have SOMETHING to wear.  If you are on a tight budget you can always construct a classic “boring” look out of some of your classic pieces that you picked up in past seasons and set it off with a less costly attention grabbing trendy accessory such as a metallic clutch or a printed belt.    


3)   Follow a FEW fashion Designers on Social Media

If you are reading this far down in the article you are undoubtedly a fashionista/o.  So I can speak to my kind, as I know you agree with me when I say, it can be time consuming to stay educated in our craft.  It can take hours and hours of your day to research fashion news, runway shows, and magazine articles, all to stay in the know.  Although we love the art that is fashion, it can get to be a major commitment just to stay on top of the game.  I find that one of the best ways to effortlessly stay on top of trends is to follow a FEW stylists and fashion designers on Social Media.  And by few, I mean no more than 5.  This way, it’s not too much on your timeline but yet you can subconsciously absorb the seasons’ trends and looks.

My top 10 social media authorities on Instagram are












Nikki Purvy is a Digital Media Expert, Marketing specialist, Fashion writer and Podcaster, published writer, and Artist.  Philadelphia native, Purvy runs Lidyr Creative Marketing Agency and Chic Renegade Fashion Accessories out of both Philly and Los Angeles.  She leads a team buyers and fashion stylists for ecommerce website while heading digital marketing campaigns and web design projects for Lidyr Creative ( She plays the bass and holds several leadership roles in various community and social organizations.  




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