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The Nail Lounge
It's A Total Lounge Experience

by Jennifer Darby

It’s winter time and spring will be here before you know it. What many people don’t realize is that the seasons actually coincide with our temperament and personal sense of self. Winter is a time for old things to pass away and the growth of all things new and rejuvenated. The Nail Lounge is the premiere place for the passing away of old nail salon experiences and for the adoption of our pioneering and state-of-the-art trends as the new salon experience. The Nail Lounge is not just your average nail salon. We have coined it as “A Total Lounge Experience” because we are “painting with a purpose”.

Our Services:
Enjoy our express services when you are on-the-go or on a limited time schedule and budget. Relax and unwind in our leather massage chairs and whirlpool spas as you are treated to complimentary wine and spirits. We offer mobile spa services for private parties, events and special occasions.

Beauty from the Inside Out:
It is important to us that we don’t service our clientele, but serve them… not just in making them pretty through spa services, but by enhancing their beauty from the inside out with our total lounge experience initiatives and entertainment. We believe that every woman deserves to radiate and that beauty is not made, but developed, nurtured and fostered. Through our events, we have formed a collection of clientele that has grown into a “sister girl” group of epic proportions.

We offer private lounge “shut-downs” for our membership clients, as well as monthly events including, but not limited to, the NL Book Club, NL Karaoke, NL Sports Parties, NL Speed Dating, NL Pole Dancing, NL Chats & Chews and the NL Power Hour Empowerment Workshop Series. We host all of our NL-themed events on Fridays and Saturdays with our private lounge “shut-down” hosted events available seven days a week.

The Nail Lounge Crew:
We tailor private, adult-themed ladies events, princess parties and spa services. Join our membership circle and receive complimentary services, according to your purchase package, and free admission to all events.

The Power Hour Empowerment Workshop Series:
The Power Hour Empowerment Workshop Series is a monthly initiative to empower women to pursue their life’s purpose and dreams. The workshops not only focus on health and wellness, but also on holistic medicine, entrepreneurship, money and finance, career and family, and more. Classes are $5.00 per person and free for all NL Crew Members.

Have you ever wanted to own your own business? Come to our Power Hour Empowerment Workshop Series for winter 2012 where the topics covered will be:
January – Starting and setting up your own business, LLC, or non-profit
February – Getting funding and seed money for your business
March – Creating the brand and marketing strategy for your business

Jennifer’s Moment:
“There’s nothing more beautiful than knowing that it’s your smile, your warmth and your glow which makes merry the day of another”.
Jennifer Darby




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