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All About Skin

by Angela-Lynn Ware

This Spring/Summer trend features skin. As we transition out of the cold and into the warmth of summer, skin should be reflective of the properties of the sun. Think about soft, seductive, bronze, luminous skin. Use a sheer water based foundation, tinted moisturizer or beauty balm to give the skin an even tone coupled with a light airy feeling. Remember, good skin preparation makes for a good makeup application. Follow these steps daily to prepare the skin: cleanse, tone and moisturize. This should be done even when no makeup is worn. Contrary to popular belief, even oily skin needs moisture. The body will over produce sebum (oil) when the skin lacks moisture in order to make up for what is missing. Primer is an awesome product to incorporate into the skin prep regimen. It gives your foundation something to hold on to and strengthens its lasting power which reduces the need to constantly touch up. Apply foundation to the five motor points of the face: 1) forehead 2) nose 3) chin 4) cheek 5) cheek and blend. Be careful not to swipe. Gently pat or use a circular motion with a fluffy brush to buff it in to have more of the appearance of healthy skin versus the look of grossly applied makeup. Many like to use fingers and sponges however, fingers and sponges are porous and absorb product. Brushes allow you to get the maximum benefit out of the product resulting in a smooth and even application.

To add a healthy glow to the skin, apply a shimmer shadow to the inner corner of the eye. It also gives the appearance that the eye is open wider. Highlight powders applied to the high planes of the cheek add a reflective property that captures well in the light and promotes a satin or dewy finish. Dust bronzer on the skin to add warmth. Bronzer is applied where the sun naturally kisses the face. Lastly, line the lip. Apply a soft lipstick with a gloss tapped in the center of the lip to create a lustrous pout. Now the look is complete. Enjoy this trend and make it your own. Remember that makeup is an enhancement. It’s where the inner beauty matches the outer appearance.

Kenetia Lee- Empowering Yourself through the Beauty Within

For Kenetia Lee, her journey to helping others find their beauty within started with her mom’s Mary Kay demonstrations. At a young age she would go and observe how the other women’s moods shifted from dour to sublime when her mom was finished. “You could clearly see that when they sat down they weren’t that happy or fascinated with themselves”, Lee explains to me during our interview. This was her first introduction to makeup and the world of beauty, a world of supposed magic. But to Kenetia, the power of beauty was in fact real. With cosmetics, her mom’s clear talent in being a saleswoman and her gift of gab touched women on the inside as well as the out. Kenetia then decided that she wanted to help other women express themselves and to learn how to deal with all of the feelings raging inside of them head on.

Although Kenetia made her mind up about her life’s purpose around the time that she was 10 years old, she started her professional career just 10 years ago. Though she loved the end result of her mom’s work with Mary Kay, she did not want to sell foundations and blushers from the supreme brand. When she moved to work in the perpetual sunshine of California, she got tired of the corporate world after a sizeable period and used this change of heart to market herself as a makeup artist. Kenetia thanks her previous work experience in the corporate world, as the knowledge she gained from it greatly supported her efforts in marketing herself and her brand. But even though Kenetia was on her way to becoming a leader in beauty empowerment, the journey was not without a few obstacles. Ironically enough, the majority of those obstacles were found within herself.

Kenetia could not become an authority on outer and inner beauty without, as she puts in, getting over herself and her fear of not being enough. “I struggled with this a lot when I first started my career”, she says. As she dove deeper into her need to network and become more known in her chosen line of work, she began to notice that there was something that still gnawed at her consciousness, something she had to address. It was not long before she figured out that the feeling of not being enough tied into the blame that she placed on her father. Once she let go of these feelings, she gradually felt free and made physical changes, such as shaving off all of her hair. Then she went after her dreams with full abandon, ticking off goals on her checklist.

Once Kenetia noticed that the changes she made internally and externally positively affected her career and outlook on life, she knew that she truly discovered the keys to making other women feel better about themselves. Going through the process of forgiveness is at the heart of Kenetia’s message to women who may feel that they are not good enough. Although she is a highly regarded makeup artist, she is also not ashamed to voice her opinion about the makeup itself and what it means to wear it if your self-worth depends on it. “Many of us need to let go of negative ideas that people have placed in our life about who we are and what we are not. Accept the person that you are. There’s not a lot of need for products we have on the shelf today. These products feed into our insecurities. If we don’t deal with our insides, we will continue to be consumers to make us feel better.” In her book, Fearless Beauty: A Women s Guide to Living Bold, Beautiful & Free, Kenetia talks about the “Delusional Diva”- the voice inside of a woman’s head that holds her back and tells her that she is not enough. But Ms. Lee posits that a woman can quiet her down by tapping into her intuition and challenging her fears about what beauty actually is. She challenges women to look deeper not only into herself, but into the outside world, the messages that are streamed to females every day through media. “Don’t go with the norm. Find your voice”, Kenetia tells me during our interview. It’s a mantra she has told models, singers, and actresses every day while working behind the scenes during the Golden Globe Awards or the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. It’s a hymn that she continues to tell women on a daily basis.

Kenetia Lee would like for women and young girls to know that makeup is an addition to your natural beauty, but is not who you are. In fact, while talking with Kenetia, I quickly realized just how much of as crusader she is for natural beauty and using makeup to enhance, not to cover up one’s true essence. Counting her mom, Donna Mee, owner and instructor of the Empire Academy of Makeup, and the unparalleled Pat McGrath as mentors, there’s no stopping Ms. Lee on her continued trail to inspiring other women to love themselves and others. Lee has just signed a contract with the Miss Universal Organization and will hold future empowerment workshops for women and young girls. Kenetia Lee wants females to challenge themselves, challenge the images around them, and to accept the beauty that they are born with. What wonderful ideas to live by.

To learn more about Kenetia Lee, her book, Fearless Beauty: A Women s Guide to Living Bold, Beautiful & Free, and to get more information about her empowerment workshops, please visit the following links:
Facebook- kenetia.beautyactivist
Twitter: @kenetialee



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