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Fall Trends

by Angela-Lynn Ware


Edgy yet sophisticated is the trend for fall and as always, I believe it begins with good skin care.  Good skin preparation makes for a good makeup application. Nourish the skin from the inside out. Drink lots of water in order to keep the skin hydrated. Exfoliate the skin at least once every week. Cleanse tone and moisturize daily even when wearing no makeup at all. Remove makeup nightly. The skin cell natural reparation process happens at night. Wear a dense moisturizing cream at night to aid in the cycle of repair. This season, Beauty Balms are all the rage. BB creams hydrate, prime, correct, protect and perfect offering flawless bare skin lending to that no makeup makeup look.  Remember any liquid or cream should be set with a powder. Translucent or transparent powders are best.


Brow shaping can be tricky but amazing when done correctly. I am not a fan of waxing or threading. I personally use a free hand razor (the kind that barbers use just without the guard) which is not for everybody. I do however, recommend tweezing.  To properly shape the brow, place a pencil vertically at your nose. Remove any hairs which extend past the side and any hair in the middle between the two brows, removing all signs of a possible unibrow.   Find your natural arch by moving the pencil to where there is a diagonal line from your nose through the center of your iris into your brow ( resembling a “ V” or a slice of pie) Pluck the stray hairs in a diagonal line up to the arch in the direction that the hairs grow. Then taper the brow from the arch to the outside edge. Remember your brows are sisters not twins.


Create your gorgeous signature look. Try prepared palettes.  It is already created for you and is made to work together.  Ad a primer for extended wear. For a natural day look use these general steps as a guideline:  Light on the lid, contour in the crease by using a darker color to add a bit of depth but not to carry the look too far.  Liner smudged into the lash line keeps the look soft. Mascara is the finishing touch that completes the look. To transition this from day to night, add the darkest color in the outside corner to see a gradient effect on the eye. Always remember to blend well so that the colors meld together.  Deepen the smudged liner on both the top and bottom.  Finally, add a mascara that volumizes and intensifies the lash.


Cream blushes are huge this season.  While they take a little more time to blend, the final result is amazing. This is one product that I recommend using your fingers to apply. The warmth from your body mixed with the natural oils present in the skin is an awesome combination for use in applying cream blushes. They have a silky texture which blends perfectly with just a hint of color leaving a look of pinched radiance on the skin.



Remember when exfoliating the skin, don’t forget the lips. An easy at home tip: Mix sugar and olive oil to remove the dead skin so that the lip product can then be applied flawlessly.  Red will always be a staple. It’s like every woman’s little black dress.

Lip products come in many forms. There are matte, glossy, plumping, satin, frost and cream to name a few.  Preference is key when choosing lip color. Color payout and finish will influence your choice the most. Smooth, soft, kissable lips are a must, whether you are wearing bright or dark colors. The more you layer, the longer it lasts. Lip primer establishes a foundation on which to build “the perfect lip”.  Use lip liner to help prevent feathering. Look for lip products that are hydrating and nourishing. Lastly, if desired apply a gloss to finish the look.

Makeup is interpretive. Remember there are no rules… Just have fun!



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