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Interior Design Trends for 2014

As with automobile and fashion, there are annual trends in the Interior Design Industry. These trends predict and determine current colors, interior and furniture design.

The definition of a trend is a direction in which something is developing or changing. Global Interior Design reflects constant movement of change, evolution and progression to enhance the pace of technology so that it complements our modern lifestyles.

Also, Trends are also influenced by cultural developments, societal hot buttons and global activities. The mood of today’s youth, the economy, popular music, peace and antagonistic relationships between nations can predict and define current trends.

For the year 2014, in Interior Design the trends are:

For Interior colors are Yellow and Blues. The color yellow represents warmth, confidence, compassion and the sun in nature. From the exiting a struggling economy for the past 6 years, we welcome confidence with consumers that workforce growth is in the up rise direction in the United States. In an Interior space, it brings a sense of security, comfort, brightness and friendliness. Yellow can be used in any room except bedrooms and bathrooms.

Blue which is one of the most popular colors with most individuals is cool, serene and masculine. Blue represents sky, but on the opposite end, it can denote depression. As like any color, blues comes in many shades and hues. Grecian Blue and Cobalt Blue are popular shades. It gives a Mediterranean feel to an Interior space. Blues can be used in any room, but it should be not used in great amounts in the Kitchen.

One reason Blue is a predominant color this year is because there is a trend of husbands working from home or reversal roles which men are raising the children at home (house husbands) while women are increasing as the breadwinners. Men are making more decisions with home decorating options.

We live in a global and interdependent society. Crucial and critical events which happen in one nation affect us in a worldly level. African fabric patterns and masks are current. So are Mexican and Spanish styled accessories. Geometric shapes, large patterns with wallpaper designs brings a sense of boldness and pull out your arts and craft items, they’re back in vogue!

An aging population influence changes to furniture design and living quarter layout and functions. People are moving back to urban areas for convenience and lifestyle changes. Large homes are no longer in great demand as they were 10 years ago. Downsizing is the new rule. Smaller homes and condominiums are preferred. Retro style furniture is back. Bathrooms are suited for provisions to accommodate middle age and independent elderly occupants since this is the fastest growing community in the country. Pulls and bathroom fixtures which you may have seen for special need and disabled persons will be a norm because they provide safety for this group.

For luxurious bath quarters, deep detached stand alone bathtubs are designed for comfort and the ultimate soaking experience. New modern homes with under 1,500 square feet are designed with wet rooms. Wet rooms are bathrooms with an integrated door less shower with a toilet and sink so the bathroom is an extended shower room.

Kitchens are designed with wall cabinets which do not extend to the ceiling, but float on the walls. Wall and base cabinet doors do not have to be the same color or finish to be stylish. Stone and quartz countertops with glass tiles are still the norm.

Home furnishings repeat the styles of the American retro period but with more refined edges. Modern styled chairs and sofas are installed with more padding for comfort than seating manufactured fifty years ago.

Do not be afraid to mix fabric textures as silks, cottons, velvets. Luxurious upholstery, drapes, throws and pillows will be recommended by designers to offer that sense of today’s glam to their clients.

In conclusion, 2014 brings a sense of progression. The recession is over. Don’t be afraid to treat yourself with a little luxury, global patterns and soft textures.

For more information or to request a consultation, please contact Glynis Tart from Verden Interior Design at 215-360-6722.



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