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Bringing Back Soul
Katina Huddleston Killing Them Softly As "KJazz"

Katina Huddleston, aka K Jazz, is a Grammy-nominated singer who was reared and continues to reside in Houston, Texas. Fearless and bright, her music speaks to those who are seek simpler times when R&B and soul music reigned in the media and music industries. Inspired by artists such as Aretha Franklin, Patti Labelle, Gladys Knight, and The Isley Brothers, KJazz has been singing in front of crowds since the age of five. She progressed from church to stages across Houston, singing her songs rooted in both R&B and soul melodies and soaring choruses. What’s most intriguing about KJazz is that she rarely opens up for other fellow artists. She is always called upon to headline her own shows, opening up for herself!

Music is in her blood and she was blessed enough to discover this at a young age, as KJazz comes from a musical family consisting of her mom, father, and brother. However, it wasn’t until high school that KJazz learned she could also write lyrics, starting with poetry. During my interview with the lovely songstress, KJazz and I talked about her educational background in both music and business. KJazz has earned an Associates degree in business and a degree within the Vocal Music program of Prairie View A&M University. Like most parents who want their children to lead blessed, stable lives, KJazz’s were hesitant to have her forge a career in music, so KJazz knew that gaining a degree in the art, coupled with a knowledge of business, would benefit her greatly in the long run. She was right. KJazz learned valuable basics in studying music at college that a good amount of singers take for granted, such as vocal health, intonation, and learning the piano. KJazz’s advanced knowledge of these essentials proved to please producers she has worked with in the past, as according to her, they “love artists who are knowledgeable about music”. Also, KJazz and her business partner/co-owner, producer Kasino Brown, created Kasino Brown Music LLC, a music label dedicated to helping to promote themselves and other independent musical artists on their terms.

KJazz is very passionate about music, especially R&B and soul, which she believes is the root of R&B. Her musical niche is special, as she feels that a lot of musical artists today take R&B and blend it with pop, instead of soul. After all, R&B does stand for “rhythm & blues”. KJazz believes that because of the widespread abundance of R&B pop, people are starving for the more soulful harmonies of R&B soaking with soul. The six songs featured on her Reverb Nation page, from “Imagination” to “Waste No More Time, certainly sound like a return to Soul/R&B indeed, as she weaves a nice collection of tales in up-tempo beats and sultry ballads.

KJazz is also proof that a musical artist does not have to rush out to Los Angeles or New York City to “make it”. She has been Grammy-nominated for her album, “Can’t Keep A Sista Down” and continues to be requested for her singing and songwriting talent for both live performances and playback on radio stations in states such as Alabama, Illinois, and Texas. Music is her life and the reward for her lies in the way that people respond and relate to her words and vocals. What differentiates KJazz from a lot of other artists is that this is a profession for her, not a hobby. Her time, work, and dedication, and above all, talent, proves this.

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