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Mt Airy Collection
The Wearable Art

Timea Talian is the founder and head designer for Oggy Designs LLC. She earned a degree in fashion/dressmaking in Budapest, Hungary and she is also a self-taught jewelry designer.

With her excellent sewing and alteration skills, Oggy Designs LLC is specialized in made to measure business for individuals that desire unique clothing but the company also provides one-of-a-kind handmade accessories. These pieces epitomize the style of one’s feminine grace, style, and sensibilities.

Oggy Designs LLC mostly targets Executives, Film Directors, Producers, Actors, Singers, Dancers who regularly attend to red carpet events, wrap parties, galas and such events that require unique and high end fashion outfits in Atlanta, GA.
Ms Talian strives to grasp the essence of nature and integrate it into contemporary fashion trends. Doing so, she raises conscious and in some cases unconscious awareness of the simple beauty of our surroundings, that we walk by day by day without even noticing them.

She extracts the basic motives created by nature and stylizes them creating attractive and highly artistic, forms, shapes, and ideas. Her work also reflects the intention of not loosing practicality in the process. This results in jewelry, besides being unique and inspirational pieces of art, are items that we can use every day.
By balancing modern designs with traditional elegance, and some whimsical fantasy, Timea has gained a large following. Her designs are being worn in numerous independent film projects, and she designs collections exclusively celebrities in Atlanta. Her collection appeals to singers, musicians, actresses, supermodels and dancers thus appreciated by an increasing wider worldwide audience.

The new “Mt. Airy Collection”, which Timea created when she lived in Philadelphia, PA in the summer of 2011, promises something for everyone. This collection allows us to be able to see and discover the uniqueness of seemingly ordinary shapes and colors of the healing gem stones.

The amazingly shaped and stylishly craved semi-precious stones and beads- from Agate, Amethyst, Citrine, Coral, Jasper, Fresh Water Pearls, Mother of Pearls to Turquoise- are just a few of those that Timea Talian used to create art in her jewelry collection. These pieces epitomize the character of one’s feminine grace, style, and sensibilities.

In today’s world, we are surrounded with modern conveniences such as cell phones, computers and microwaves that emit radiation. These electromagnetic waves interfere with our body’s magnetic fields. With Timea’s vision, she extracts the basic motives created by nature, and stylizes them creating attractive and highly artistic forms, shapes and ideas. These pieces of art, besides being unique and inspirational, are items that we can use every day to maintain our body’s magnetic field without invasive medical procedures.

Timea Talian’s collection is capable of slipping beauty into a gray Wednesday afternoon. The pieces reflect a truly unique look that will turn heads wherever you go. Timea Talian’s jewelry is the most stylish and easiest way to maintain your health by restoring bodily, mental, and spiritual health to its perfect natural state.



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