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Whatever Happened to Customer Service?

by Chanta' N Barrett

When I was originally going to write an article I was going to talk about hair care, the importance of it, how to be fabulous with or without chemical services, etc. As I began to put my thoughts together and contemplate the jewels of knowledge that I wanted to share there was one question that kept nagging at me. This question is something I’ve asked myself repeatedly over the years and is the number one complaint of almost all my new clients. This question plagues men and women from all walks of life, professional and non-professional, busy people and persons of leisure, stay at home and hard working single parents:

Whatever happened to customer service?

The lack of customer service today in a service oriented industry is baffling. When I attended beauty school one of the first things we learned were lessons on professionalism and customer service. We were taught from the very beginning the customer is always right and the more pleasant we were the better and more successful a hairstylist we would become.

We seem to have forgotten that it is not us but our customers who pay our bills, keep our doors open, clothe our children, keep us from going hungry. Yes God has given us a gift, and a talent to do things with what the bible refers to as a woman’s glory that others can not grasp, but that gift and talent is not a pass to disrespect people by treating them as if you’re doing them a favor.

Our clients have enough trials and tribulations going on in everyday life that they do not need to come to a place where they have an appointment yet their stylist doesn’t show up until three and a half hours later without the semblance of an apology. Nor do our male clients who are fighting the good fight with hair loss but do not seem to be winning need to be told they have to accept the reality of being bald with a sharp tongue and a bad attitude. There are other businesses that we come in contact with on a daily basis that are in the service industry and if they were half as unprofessional as many of us are, they would loose our patronage. If a waiter or waitress was rude to you while out dining would you tip them? If a sales associate at your favorite shoe store ignored you when you walked in would you still give them your money?

In the Beauty/Hair care Industry we get to express our artistry while delivering, beauty, confidence, and reassurance to another individual, and get paid for it. What could be better than that. I say we start a campaign to make customer service the new IT skill to have. Let’s make it chic to be a professional. Anybody in?



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