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Trademark is important for the identification of a product or a service in order to distinguish it from other products and services of a competing business. Using the trademark can enhance the credibility of the company, which contributes to the consolidation of the company’s position on the market. (read more)


July 2015

To Sue or Not To Sue


 It is not always easy to make a decision when it comes to filing a lawsuit against a debtor. Before one can choose whether or not to sue, they should know whether the debtor has sufficient assets to secure payment or if the debtor has existing liabilities, judgments, and liens. The simplest and most comprehensive way to achieve this is by conducting an asset search through a reputable asset search company. (read more)


April 2015

Accident Forgiveness

  Have you recently been involved in an accident? Regrettably, there are some accidents that are unavoidable, that are simply bad luck or the consequence of inescapable circumstances - bad weather is a common factor in many of these inevitable accidents. What happens, however, if the accident could have been avoided? (read more)

 October 2014


Best Bankruptcy Attorneys For Your Money

  This article is about how to hire a good bankruptcy attorney that works for you. The article offers many insightful tips you should consider when filing a bankruptcy and how you can find a bankruptcy lawyer that understands you and your situation. Bankruptcy can be easy if you have the right lawyer. (read more)

July 2014

What You Need To Know For Your Initial Consultation with a Divorce Lawyer

  If you’re facing a divorce, your world is probably a little upside down right now. It’s a very jarring experience to go through a divorce. You have to start thinking about life after divorce, figure out your finances, deal with all of the emotions swirling through you, and hire a lawyer to handle your case.
(read more)

April 2013

Wrongful Death Issues From Negligence

  Fatal accidents often lead to serious injury or death. Wrongful deaths have become one of the many tragic results of these accidents. Families are left with the lingering effects and pain of the loss of their loved ones. Survivors or families of wrongful death victims are entitled to file for claims which would somehow compensate their sufferings and alleviate their financial burden. (read more)
January 2013

Where's YOUR Will?

  As average Americans, we work 80,000 hours in a lifetime, or 45 to 55 years. In spite of all our resources and the assets we earn during our lifetime, the vast majority of Americans do not take the time to create the legal instructions to guide the court or a guardian. National statistics indicate that more than 50% of Americans die without leaving a Will. (read more)
October 2012

Prevent Legal Discrimination

  Residing in a large urban city such as Philadelphia, one of the largest cities in the United States and home to a large number of people with various cultures, and beliefs, among others. (read more)
July 2012

What Are The Positive Aspects of Going for Legal Protection Insurance for Your Small Business?

  Most enterprise owners usually do not believe concerning the possibility of facing legal action and generally the costs associated with this is often so high that the organization goes beneath. This article explains the advantages of legal protection insurance. (read more)

Criminal Lawyer:
Look for Traits That Matter To Your Case

  Before you choose a criminal lawyer, you should find out about their case history, as well as their trial record. You should also make sure they specialize in defending the crime you have been accused of. (read more)

September 2011

Urban Suburban Magazine - Is That Legal
Investigating unemployment discrimination

  According to Pennsylvania’s Department of Labor and Industry, the Commonwealth’s unemployment rate for December 2010 was 8.5%, down only 0.1% from November, 2010. Among those 8.5% unemployed workers are a great number of highly skilled, broadly experienced and strongly motivated individuals who find themselves unemployed through no fault of their own, unwilling victims of a faltering economy. One would think, then, that this would is an employer’s market in which employers can pick and choose from among the best, brightest and most qualified of Pennsylvania’s unemployed.  (read more)


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