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Investigating unemployment discrimination
Why Moody & Shields Group, LLC is ideally suited.

According to Pennsylvania’s Department of Labor and Industry, the Commonwealth’s unemployment rate for December 2010 was 8.5%, down only 0.1% from November, 2010. Among those 8.5% unemployed workers are a great number of highly skilled, broadly experienced and strongly motivated individuals who find themselves unemployed through no fault of their own, unwilling victims of a faltering economy. One would think, then, that this would is an employer’s market in which employers can pick and choose from among the best, brightest and most qualified of Pennsylvania’s unemployed.

Incredible as it seems, however, many employers deliberately screen out (discriminate against) unemployed persons. According to the National Employment Law Project, the systematic exclusion for job consideration of unemployed workers was first detected when job opening announcements were made which blatantly warned that applicants must be currently employed, that unemployed applicants would not be considered for employment. It was thereafter seen that other employers had policies that restricted them from considering applications from job-seekers who had been unemployed for six, nine or more months. It is hard to imagine that any responsible or forward-thinking employer would engage in such an obviously poor and unconscionable business practice, but many do.

State and federal anti-discrimination laws prohibit employers from discriminating against job applicants on the basis of their race, sex, ethnic or national origin, color, religion, genetic profile, age or disability. Employment status discrimination would not appear, at least superficially, illegal. However, closer examination suggests that such employment status discrimination might mask other forms of illegal discrimination, such as race, age or sex discrimination. In some cases, it might operate to have a disparate impact on minority or other legally protected groups.

The Moody & Shields Group LLC. is a full service law firm assisting general and business clients. In addition to representing clients in matters involving Civil Litigation, Personal Injury, Employment / Labor Law, Real Estate, Estate Planning and Administration, Criminal, Sports and Entertainment, Family Law, and Intellectual Property Law, the Firm has also represented a

great number of clients in Civil Rights matters, on both the trial and appellate level. Owing to the diversity of experience and knowledge of its attorneys, The Moody & Shields Group attorneys are amply experienced to examine potentially discriminating circumstances and discover whether apparently permissible discrimination is actually masking impermissible, illegal discrimination.

Leading the Moody & Shields Group are seasoned attorneys Adrian J. Moody and Stacy L. Shields. Adrian J. Moody, Esquire and Stacy L. Shields, Esquire, who lead the Moody & Shields Group of attorneys, have extensive experience in representing clients in Civil Rights matters, including Employment/Title VII matters. Assisting the Group is Paul B. Birden, Jr., Esquire, who is experienced in Civil Rights litigation support and appellate matters. If you suspect that you have been discriminated against in your application for a job for which you are qualified, contact the attorneys of the Moody and Shields Group, LLC, who look forward to serving you.

Article Written by Adrian Moody, Esq

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