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Prevent Legal Discrimination

Residing in a large urban city such as Philadelphia, one of the largest cities in the United States and home to a large number of people with various cultures, and beliefs, among others.

These people often interact or communicate with each other because they all live in the same place. However, there are instances wherein problems arise due to the constant communication and interaction of different people. One of the problems that arise because of this is the occurrence of racial discrimination.

This kind of discrimination takes place a personís facial characteristic like certain facial features, and hair, eye, or skin color, are discriminated by other people.

The workplace is one of the typical places wherein various people who have the same goal, which is the success of their company, work together and often interact with each other. Due to the continuous merging of people who are inside the same workplace, it is not unusual that racial discrimination may occur.

Workers who were discriminated inside their workers are entitled to fight for their rights against the person or party at fault. The chances that this will be achieved will be greater with the help of skilled Los Angeles attorneys.


Preventing Racial Discrimination
In order to stop racial discrimination, along with other kinds of discrimination from happening inside a workplace, Title VII of the Civil Right Act of 1964 was enacted and implemented. This Act is applicable to all employers who have 15 or more workers, which include both state and local governments.

This Act is also applicable to employment agencies, the federal government, and labor organizations. Employers are prohibited by this law to deny equal employment opportunity to a person based on his/her supposed racial group or actual racial group, certain characteristics that are connected to his/her race, and association with someone of a specific color or race.


Filing a Racial Discrimination Charge
If a worker or employee feels that he is being discriminated due to his/her race, he/she is entitled by law to file a racial discrimination charge with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). This is the agency that is in charge of handling all kinds of employment discrimination chargers that are filed by workers.

An organization, agency, or any individual is also entitled by law to file a racial discrimination charge on behalf of another individual so that the identity of the latter will be protected.

Around 33,937 racial discrimination charges were received by EEOC in fiscal year 2008 alone. Out of the total number of cases that were filed, around 28, 321 were resolved by the agency in the same year and around $ 79.3 million in the form of monetary benefits were recovered for parties who filed the charge as well as other aggrieved persons (monetary benefits that are acquired in litigation are not included here).

Information Needed

  • Information that should be given by the person filing a charge includes:

  • address, name, and the contact number of the employment agency, resident employer of union that is alleged to have committed discrimination.

  • the time wherein the discrimination was committed

  • address name, contact number, and the name of the person who is filing the charge

Filing a racial discrimination charge is a difficult task so seek an attorney who is an expert in the area should be sought.
Written by Employment Lawyers are reliable in handling racial discrimination cases.


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