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Funding For Startups:
How to Raise Capital for Your Small Business


We acknowledge the plight of entrepreneurs and new businesses who struggle to raise essential capital and fail to take their brand or business to the next level. We believe, A Robust Online Platform for Startup Investing and Funding passionate entrepreneurs deserve passionate investors. When you start a new business, the first and most common problem arises is to find the resources for funding. (read more)


July 2015

5 Steps to Creating An Effective Online Business Strategy

  It's no secret that more and more people are buying goods and services online. E-commerce is the fastest growing retail market with an estimated US$520 billion to be spent online in 2014. To get your slice of this enormous market you a solid online business strategy. Here are 5 factors that contribute to all online business success stories. (read more)

October 2014

Is Your Credit Score is Low Because You Want it to Be?

  Most people with low credit scores would quickly answer “no”. However, the answer is “yes” for the majority of people with low scores or bad credit. Even though some readers are now riled up and/or mad after reading the first two sentences, I hope you will keep reading in search of a solution. Know this: indecision is actually a decision to do nothing. (read more)

July 2014

Advantages of Using A Loans Professional

  When it comes to obtaining a loan there many people run blind and do not have the first idea about the process or even who to go to. When applying for a personal loan or a home loan many consumers will go to the financial institution where they have their bank account. Whilst this is logical it is not necessarily smart. Just because you bank with them does not mean they will lend you money. (read more)

April 2014

Should I File for Bankruptcy? Do I Qualify for Bankruptcy

  When you are having trouble paying your bills, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. You've thought about bankruptcy but you've overheard awful things about what it can do to your credit and your future. All you really want is a way to get out from beneath your debt and move on with your life. You possibly have creditors calling and sending frightening letters demanding payment. It can reach a point where you are scared to pick up the phone or check your mail. (read more)

Declining Wealth in Black America and What YOU Can Do to Improve YOUR Wealth – Part I

  For this past Black History Month, I was asked to speak about money and finances and tie it to Black History Month. This article is a summary of presentation because the numbers are astounding… so much so that as a people, we are almost going out backwards and it has everything to the with us and not much to do with “the man”. It’s too much information for one article, so I hope you will come back next month for the remainder of the information. (read more)

October 2013

End 2013 with a financial B.A.N.G.

  As move through the last quarter of 2013, it’s really already time to start thinking about 2014. I want to challenge you not to have the same old thoughts and set the same old goals – both of which usually fall apart somewhere between December 26th and January 5th of every year. Promise yourself that this year you’re going out with a B.A.N.G. and that same B.A.N.G. is going to propel you all the way through 2014! Why make this promise to yourself? (read more)

July 2013

How to Go to College When There's NO Money and How to Make Money When Jobs are Limited

  Spring is here and excitement is in the air! High school juniors are excited about starting their senior year; and high school and college seniors are both excited about starting the next chapter in their lives. However, some kids are getting a harsh lesson in reality and economics that may dampen their spirit – but only if they let it! (read more)

April 2013

Upstart Businesses

  Klaudia Kovacs, Kreyol Essence, My Success Consultants, Yvecar Momperousse (read more)

How to Make a Couple Hundred Bucks – Quick and Easy!

  In the recent economy, more people are living paycheck to paycheck than ever before. As if it weren’t already tough enough, changes to tax laws and health insurance premiums further decreased the take home pay of millions of people this past January. (read more)

January 2013

Wise Money Decisions

  That time of the year has come for some of you – Income Tax Refund Check time. Usually right after the New Year we all start to feel the euphoria of the back-to-back holidays as over and done with. Now, we are financial stagnant and need a quick financial fix to recover. The thought of what has been taken all year long to arrive is back and starts to burn holes in your pockets with the first sight of your W2 and rightfully so, it’s your money – earned it.  (read more)

How to Achieve The Goals You Set for 2013

  There is often excitement at the start of each year because many people eagerly anticipate what they plan on accomplishing and/or doing differently. However, many people fall off track as early as February. To keep your goals and plans on track, follow these simple steps. (read more)
October 2012

Great Ball of Confusion

  When Urban Suburban asked me to write an article I was first honored, then befuddled as to what the topic would be. I struggled. I could write about how Basketball Wives and Love and Hip Hop are terrible portrayals of the black community, and yet admittedly entertaining television. Evelyn and Ochocinco or Stevie-J and Joseline, it is hard for me to decide which is more compelling. (read more)

Getting Ready for the Holidays NOW: How to Have Jingle Bells and Not Jingle Bills

  Every year the holiday season comes at the same time. Yet it always amazes me how many people are caught off guard and therefore accumulate a significant amount of unanticipated debt. (read more)
July 2012

Does Your Little Kid Have Bad Credit? (and Tips for You If You Do)

  Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in America! When people think about credit reports and credit scores, they rarely think about their school age (K-12) children. However, many children are victims of identity theft and it makes their financial future difficult because they usually don’t learn about the problem until it’s too late. (read more)

The Impoverished Woman's Guide To Wealth

  I found myself chatting it up with a few friends on different occasions on how I am juggling all the balls in my life. I will admit that right now life is a bit chaotic. I’m believe that if I took a poll of 100 mompreneurs, or even single moms, that about 70% would say that life is a bit chaotic. (read more)

April 2012

10 Steps to Kick Start Your Business

  You have the 3P’s — Passion, Persistence and a Positive mindset. Grow your business by following these steps.
(read more)


Having More Money in 2012, and Beyond

  The year 2012 is upon us, and it’s a year filled with hope, optimism, and opportunities! Many people started off this year by telling themselves they are going to do things differently financially — get out of debt, increase savings, or achieve some other financial goal. To make your thoughts and goals happen, you have to take measurable and sustained action!  (read more)
January 2012

Don't Rely On Others For Your Retirement


Recent debates about Social Security and the increasing number of employers reducing or eliminating employee pensions have underscored the need for a sound retirement plan. Gone are the days when employees were guaranteed a percentage of their salaries once they leave a company.
(read more)

September 2011

Urban Suburban Magazine - Money Minutes - Are you Financially Exposed
Are You Financially Exposed?


Many people realize the need for life insurance but keep putting it off until it is too late. You may think that life insurance is confusing, expensive and complicated. You may think you don’t know enough to make the right decisions for you and your loved ones. Postponing this decision leaves you and your family exposed financially. (read more)



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