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End 2013 with a Financial B.A.N.G.

By: Jennifer S Matthews

As move through the last quarter of 2013, it’s really already time to start thinking about 2014. I want to challenge you not to have the same old thoughts and set the same old goals – both of which usually fall apart somewhere between December 26th and January 5th of every year. Promise yourself that this year you’re going out with a B.A.N.G. and that same B.A.N.G. is going to propel you all the way through 2014! Why make this promise to yourself? Because you and your innermost promises, goals, and dreams should be the most important things to you! Additionally, your word should be your bond that is never broken!

Many people tell themselves they are going to do better financially in the New Year. However, most people don’t know what they need to do to make that happen, so they either do nothing or keep doing what they’ve been doing. B.A.N.G. is your master financial plan that starts today and comes with an unconditional guarantee that 2014 will end much better than the last few years if you keep your promise to yourself and B.A.N.G. your way through!

B.A.N.G. B is for budget. Yeah! Yeah! Not only have you heard it before but you hate it too! Trust me that I really do know that! However, the more you budget and stick with it, the more money you will start to have – my promise to you! Go to my website right now: and download the spending plan template from the Free Downloads page. A spending plan is a written plan on how you will spend your money, which is the same as a budget. The first time you fill out the template you will probably have a negative number at the bottom, which is fine. Keep track of every penny you spend and complete a new spending plan every time you get paid. Make adjustments and changes each time so that if you had a negative number at first, you work towards only spending what you make. Once the money coming in equals the money going out, the next set of adjustments will allow you to spend less money than what you bring in! When that happens, presto! …you have extra money for your savings account! You are now moving toward making your innermost promises, goals, and dreams into a reality!

B.A.N.G.  A is for Action. Part of keeping your promise to yourself so that your innermost promises and goals start to come true, is to keep taking massive, immediate, and ongoing action on your budget. This is especially important during those months when you had unexpected expenses like brakes, tires, or extra prescriptions to fill. Ongoing action also means passing up that killer outfit that’s on sale, and going into the back of your closet instead to dig out one of those “other” killer outfits that still have the tags on them and then strutting the heck out of it! Understand that it’s the massive, immediate, and ongoing action on your budget and your willpower that will transform your finances in 2014 – if you start today! Today is the “immediate” part. No more procrastination is allowed here!

B.A.N.G.  N is working to develop a Never give up spirit, attitude, and mindset! Sometimes our negative self-talk gets us into trouble. Making it all the way through 2014 to end it with a financial B.A.N.G. is going to be tough, but definitely well worth it! To develop a never give up spirit, attitude, and mindset, you must read personal development websites, articles, and magazines. These resources become the mental vitamins you need to keep you strong and able to take the massive, immediate, and ongoing action to make your B.A.N.G. happen!

B.A.N.G.  G is goal setting. The next step in changing your financial future is to write down both your short-term and long-term financial goals. Ask yourself what is your B.A.N.G. going to allow you to accomplish in 2014? What do you want to accomplish by 2017 (in the next 3 years) and by 2019 (the next 5 years)? After you write your goals down, take the time to make a bullet list under each goal of things you need to do to reach that goal. If you only focus doing what’s on the bullet list, you will reach your goals! As with anything else in life, without written financial goals and specific plans for meeting them, we drift along and leave our future to chance. A wise man once said: “most people don't plan to fail; they just fail to plan.” The end result is the same: failure to get your finances where you want them to be…but making your B.A.N.G. happen changes that!

There is a lot of meat in this article that you really need to take Action on today (immediately!) to put yourself in the position for big changes in your life in 2014 that will bring you happiness and a strong sense of accomplishment. The next article will follow up on this article with additional information to help you keep your B.A.N.G. going to propel you all the way through 2014!


About the Author: Jennifer S. Matthews is an award-winning author, motivational speaker, and is trained as a financial coach. Her award-winning book 12 Ways to Put Money in Your Pocket Every Month Without A Part Time Job, was also nominated for a 2013 NAACP Image Award. The book shows readers how to create hundreds of dollars in cash every month from within their existing income. Visit Jennifer online at and sign up for her newsletter. You can also purchase her book, take advantage of free downloads, and much more.


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