Andrew Harmon



His Plan, Her Plan
or Our Plan
Rev. David Pope

We hope this section of the magazine shall serve as a light unto your path! It is often in life that we find ourselves coming to another 'Y' in the road. There is that one defining moment when we must decide which path we are going to chose. Should we go to the left; or should we travel the path to the right. Trust your instincts!!! We have been living this journey long enough to recognize the signs along the way. If you happen to come to a 'Y' in the road and one road appears to have more bumps and sink holes, try the other road! If you have been told by someone who has driven that same journey that one road is more treacherous than the other, let us not be thrill seekers and think that we can avoid the same holes into which someone else has fallen. Have you ever started out on a road trip and after traveling for quite some time, daylight fades and we think that we are lost because we have lost the light! It could just be as simple as getting off the road at the next exit, checking into a hotel to get some rest. "Rest If You Must; Just Don’t Quit"! If you feel that you have driven your life off course, stop, take a pause and get back to the journey that is before you.

Whatever the journey you want to accomplish in life, we must start every journey with the end in mind. What do you want to accomplish in life? What will it take to accomplish your goals? What is the time frame necessary to achieve the end result?

These are all necessary questions that must be answered if you desire to have your path revealed. To shine the spotlight on your path to success, we have decided to request that every reader develop and write a 7-year plan for your life. If you do not have a plan, life will develop a plan for you! It is certain that you will be more comfortable and eventually more successful following a plan that is familiar to you by your own drafting, rather than following a plan that life has designed for you.

“Begin with developing a plan by putting your thoughts in writing; this will aide in achieving balance, organization and clarity”.

1) career and family;
2) health and wellness;
3) professional promotion and increased income;
4) management of investments and savings;
5) charitable giving;
6) community activism;
7) social service.

These seven areas should provide a framework for you to light your path!

The inability to manage balance of both. One thing that is important to us all is the ability to balance career and family. We must use a methodology that enhances our performance at work and our relationships with our family and friends.

These great responsibilities can result in the source of great stress for all involved. We must examine ourselves first and seek to understand our own personalities and then make the necessary changes to achieve balance. Once we have turned the spotlight on ourselves, it is necessary to illuminate the personalities of others, using a method of understanding within both our working and of our personal relationships. By achieving this balance in our careers and within our personal relationships, we can turn our attention to our own health and wellness. With the elimination of stress we can begin to focus on those things that we enjoy that can achieve significant results; such as, developing and maintaining a schedule for weight training and cardio training; structured classes such as yoga and meditation. With this balance, we can also turn our attention to increasing our income through enhanced performance at our position of employment; seeking new positions of promotion (internally or externally); or entrepreneurial development.

We would like to hear from you to insure this column is dedicated to the questions and answers of our readers; we wish to continue path lighting for others. Let us continue to walk in the light together.



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