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It's Simple:
Plan Your Life Wisely
Rev. David Pope

We’ve recently encouraged all of our readers to develop and write a seven-year plan for their lighted paths! This month, we will focus our attention on the balancing of career and family; that our paths may be brighter.

It is often difficult for many people to find that delicate balance between fulfilling the necessary responsibilities of careers and the needs of our families. Often, it is our own guilt that makes our path appear dark; guilt from not spending enough time with our families; guilt from not spending enough time on our careers. This guilt overshadows our success in both areas! The right state of mind is to realize that when we manage our time effectively and efficiently, the balance between career and family becomes successful.

The great responsibility of balancing career and family can result in being a source of stress for all involved. We must examine ourselves first and seek to understand our own personalities before making the necessary changes to achieve balance. Once we have turned the spotlight on ourselves, it is necessary to illuminate the personalities of others, using a method of understanding within both our professional and personal relationships.

When we have taken the time to examine all the personalities involved in our lives, then it becomes necessary to focus on how we allocate our time, and with whom we spend our discretionary time. Recognize that it is not the amount of time that we spend working, or the amount of time that we spend at home; it is the quality of time that we spend at work and at home with our families. The questions we must ask ourselves are: Have we developed our ability to focus on our work while we are at work? Have we developed a schedule at home that affords us the opportunity to focus our attention on our family? Have we developed a method to address any (home)work that must be done at home? These are questions that must be answered in order to achieve the balance we seek to experience.

Do not be deceived by believing that, in this global society, we find it necessary to only work smart; we must find it necessary to work hard and work smart! We must be diligent in order to achieve the assigned tasks in our careers and to avoid the feelings of being overwhelmed. These overwhelming feelings have a direct correlation between our feelings of contentment and peace when we are with our families at home. We want to encourage our readers to develop a holistic approach dedicated to reclaiming their natural and spiritual inheritance of harmony, peace and wisdom.

The following are steps that will help in achieving the balance in our professional lives and will assist us with our professional development:

  • The first step is to realize that what we are doing professionally is just as important as our marriage, raising children and the life of entertainment and pleasure that we enjoy. It is important to rejuvenate our thought process — to alleviate the guilt that is sometimes associated with the balancing of career and family.

  • Decide what you want to accomplish in your profession and work (diligently pursue) toward that end. When you go to work, perform every task on your current job description daily, or weekly, if applicable. If you are seeking a new position, find the job description online and determine the correlation between where you are and what you want to achieve (the information is available online). Once you have identified the correlation, take on the additional responsibilities as if they were assigned to you directly.

  • Develop a seven-year plan for your career; identify your passion; purpose your passion; determine how your passion transitions into your profession in order to achieve professional growth and promotion; and implement your passion.

The next steps will assist our readers in recognizing the significance of being engaged when at home with spouses, children and even family members outside of the household. The places we live, work, commune with family and friends, and with whom we spend the majority of our time, have the most direct and powerful influence on our harmony and peace.

The following are steps that will help to achieve the balance of harmony and peace in our family life:

  • Communicate with spouses and children and help them to understand that you are designing a schedule that will ensure that you are an actively engaged spouse and parent.

  • Design a schedule that accommodates the schedule of everyone in the household; for example, do professional at-home business assignments while children are doing homework. If you are on a deadline, once again, communicate that to them to ensure that everyone is clear of the necessity of completion before the deadline.

  • Schedule your fitness time to coincide with the schedule of your spouse and children. Agree to have a designated time to spend every week (at least one day a week); if it is to attend scheduled family events, church services, recreational activities or social services, find something the family can do together every week (even if it’s just a simple movie night).

Most importantly, be presently engaged in body, mind and spirit! This will make you successful and keep your families united in the balance of career and family. This “Path Lighting” segment of the Urban Suburban Magazine is dedicated to positively transforming the way we interact, live, work and play with others in order to create a world of “AWE” – Achievement, Wellness and Enlightenment.

We would like to hear from you and to answer your questions from each segment of “Path Lighting”. If you have questions, please direct them to our contact section and look forward to a response in subsequent issues. Let us continue to “walk in the light” together!


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