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“What Is Swag and Why Are Women Attracted to Men That Have It?”

by C Double R

The Urban Dictionary defines ‘swag’ as “the appearance, style, or the way he or she presents themselves”. So when a woman says a man has swag that usually means he has a great deal of confidence in the way he walks, talks and the way he takes over the space he’s in without even trying.

I found this topic to be very intriguing so I asked several ladies what was their definition of swag when it comes to men. Every answer took a different route but ended up at the same destination. Every women said swag is the confidence that a man exudes.

Check out some of the ladies’ quotes:

Angelene, 34, says:
“Swag to me is the way he walks, speaks, and to know when he walks in a room full of people he is confident with sex appeal. Swag to me is not about the way he dresses, or how much money he has, although that can contribute to it. To me it's mental and once you get my mental you get me!!”

Dasha, 40, says:
“Swag” is the overall confidence a man has and the sex appeal he gives off (without even knowing it). I will Idris Elba, President Obama and Denzel Washington as references. All 3 of these debonair men represent MY definition of swag. They are attractive, humble and successful men who can attract women of all ages without having to go overboard with their charm.”

Kiwana, 28, says:
“Ok, I don’t like the word swag. ...however I would say it’s a full package deal...confidents....personality. ..knows what he wants and goes for it...commends respect without even opening his mouth...he could step into a room and own it without even a second thought of what’s going on around him.....when in his present you feel like you are that special someone...and vice versa...”

Keys, 25, says:
“Swag someone who carries themselves extremely well in all aspects. Typically speaking, he got his “ish” together. This man is very confident. Personality is off the chain but very unique. He speaks volumes when he walks in the room of his presence.”

Rondi, 42, says:
“A man with swag has it built into his personality and shows it in his demeanor. He is debonair, respectful, and confident with just a look.”

Tondi, 42, says:
“I love a man with swag! To me swag means a man who is sexy & confident. He can adapt & communicate in any setting. As Angelene stated, his style of dress or money does not have anything to do with it but can be a plus.”

So there you have it folks, all women that were ask, whether they were in their twenties or forties all agree that a man with swag is a man that exudes confidence in every way and everyone around him knows it, in a good way!

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C Double R!



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