Andrew Harmon




Larger Penis, Please

by Ava Black

Does size really matter? Some would say “no”, but they would be lying. Size DOES matter in just about everything. As a society, overall, we all want everything bigger–SUPER-sized! Wouldn’t it be great if it was that easy to get the perfect male sex organ?

Imagine meeting someone, getting to know him, and really liking him. The customary and acceptable number of dates has been fulfilled, and as you draw nearer to “the big reveal”, you are filled with anticipation, excitement and angst. Your prayers are filled with requests of big rewards. I mean, “...he’s almost perfect in every other way so please, Please, PLEASE let his manhood be representative of his manhood!” You’re in the moment. There is no lack of passion. You’re ravenous for each other. Tops are off. Your hands slide down his six -pack and you slowly unzip his jeans. Your hand is stretched for the full palm grab and as you make the connection, your chest deflates. WHERE is it? You force your hand from patting around in there like you lost something important. Inside you’re crying. Passion has left the room, the moment and the relationship. Now would be a good time to place an order… “Larger penis, please!”

That night continues like many others before it / him. He is completely unaware of the monumental shift he just created in your world. You can’t (and don’t want to) deal with it right now – or EVER – so you just continue and go with the very slow and tear-jerking flow. He thinks you are moved to tears by emotion; he is not completely wrong. The highlight? You KNOW “the oral” will, likely, be life changing. It HAS to be… right?

There are certain sex equations that never fail; Little Penis = Extended Foreplay + Amazing Oral (almost every time). It just is what it is. But how long is that going to be enough?

I have often wondered, “Is it a subconscious reality for the man with a smaller penis to BE nice BECAUSE he has no penis? Or is it a conscious choice?” At what point in his sexual travels does he realize he MUST master cunnilingus? When does it become apparent to him that he needs to be a good listener, an excellent communicator and get to know the “va-jay-jay” better than his more ample and, therefore, more desirable counterparts?

Regardless of the formula, there isn’t a woman alive who hasn’t convinced herself, at some point in her life, that she can deal with it. Myself included. We ask ourselves, “How important IS sex anyway?” In the LONG RUN, isn’t it all about compatibility and companionship? Those self-inflicted mind games might work for a minute, but unless you’re willing to settle for toys and let go of hope, his penis will actually get bigger; you will never be able to sustain it. Foreplay is no substitute for a nice finish. Unless you’re a “closet lesbian”, you’re gonna need “the real deal penis” at the end of every session… and I’m guessing a strap- on for your man is not an option.

Is it fair that most often: Asshole = Huge Penis + Game Player? No. But, again, I have to ask myself, “Is it a subconscious reality for the man with the larger penis to be an ass BECAUSE he has what every woman wants and cannot resist?” Why else would a woman go back, time and time again, to the same jerk of a man who has no idea what it means to BE a spouse or a keeper of hearts? Just like a man can be whipped…Oh, how we women can succumb to the dick.

We want to believe that the nice guy can satisfy us in other ways; after all, orgasms are nice and, of course, it’s the ultimate goal. Most women easily reach it via oral stimulation. It stands to reason that if this is a guaranteed way to orgasm, what difference does the size of his penis matter when he is a “cunnilingus master”? The only thing a woman wants more than a good oral orgasm is a nice, fat dick to follow it up. Sadly, at some point, we will be forced to settle for what he has, or to look outside of the relationship for sexual satisfaction. While these may not be the most politically correct, or morally acceptable resolutions, they are options, none the less. And since there’s just no way to ever place your own customized order...


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